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Everyone likes Current.

Project-based procurement software that everyone within your organization can agree upon.
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Procurement Leads

Streamline project planning and reporting, and easily stay on top of your team’s deliverables from one centralized interface.
Take advantage of Current’s task automation to save time by controlling workflows and preventing users from taking unapproved actions.

C-Suite & Business Owners

Deliver higher quality services without investing in more resources. With Current, your teams can automate repetitive deliverables and focus on higher value tasks, allowing you to:
Increase your competitiveness
Close more projects
Scale Operations
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IT Managers

Rest assured that every box is being securely checked by Current.
No managed servers; on-demand deployment to segregated servers
SSO supports 2FA with MS (logins)
Easy access to tutorial information
Internal security + control
Role-based access control
Not captive data
API driven
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Free your procurement projects from process bottlenecks and scale your operations with Current SCM
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