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Gain peace of mind for projects of any size with up-to-date and detailed asset tracking. Available anywhere, and anytime.
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Asset Tracking Current SCM
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Unlimited Asset Creation

Current SCM makes it simple to manage your organization's valuable assets. No matter how many assets you track, you can create and manage them in the system in minutes.

No more struggling to keep track of different asset classes between different projects. Current SCM's asset tracking will securely manage all projects in one centralized location.

Asset Creation Current SCM

Asset Management

Asset management Current SCM
Fixed or perpetual assets
Mobile assets going up or downstream
Intangibles that can't normally be tracked
You can even edit and redefine asset classes on the fly

Asset Movement

Asset Movements Current SCM
Set assets to billable or
Ensure users mark assets that require maintenance
Set user and return details

You can also set up availability checks, itemized locations and 'next use' plans, all within Current SCM!

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Asset Planning & Tracking

When it comes to developing and issuing procurement assets, Current SCM will save your team a ton of time. Our asset tracking feature allows users to plan the movements of assets, then record when the actual movements have been completed.

With Current SCM's asset integration, the system will help you find the next time an asset will become available to ensure assets are not over-allocated. That means no asset overlap and no more over or under-committing of assets.

Asset Tracking information Current SCM

Control your Complete Procurement Workflow

Your project-based business needs a platform to accommodate every supply chain scenario. And that’s exactly what Current SCM was built for. It’s a unified cloud system to manage all your clients and projects with ease.

Control every step of your complete procurement workflow from one central location. Current SCM is a single source of truth for all your documentation and communications with teams and vendors.

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Asset Planning and Tracking Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
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I prefer this software over everything else I’ve used. It’s easy to use.
– Senior Buyer with 30 years of procurement experience
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