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Tailor Current SCM to Fit Your Unique Business Needs

Customize at the team, role, and project levels. Take advantage of robust data segregation. Automate workflows and free capacity to drive strategic value.
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Customizable Dashboards

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Deliverable counts between requisitions, bids, offers & orders
Committed & invoiced spend amounts
Project start dates & end dates
Planning milestones
Task status

Task Workflow Automation

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Payment & Contract Terms
Cost Structures
Import Sources
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Multiple Segregated Teams

Centralize tasks by setting up multiple teams under one organization. You can assign each team its own settings that are segregated from other teams. This gives you complete control.

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Customize a team’s timezone, import sources, payment and contract terms, and more
Set team standards that apply to all projects or clients the team is assigned
Share common settings and users across your organization
Restrict access permissions based on team and project role

Team-Specific Roles

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Audit Logging

Procurement projects have many moving pieces. Current SCM makes it easy to keep track of who has done what and when by maintaining a full audit history for every data transaction. You can automatically track every action you want to know.

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Track the user who caused the transaction (causer)
Log additional related meta data
Support sophisticated processes

Customizable Forms

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Files, Notes and Status Updates Repository

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Log contextual status updates to orders or specific lines
Upload vendor and engineering documents
Store any files you deem to be relevant
Save emails and notes

Reach a New Level of Efficiency and Collaboration

Give your procurement team full control of your project with customizable forms, dashboards, workflows, automated audit trails, and unmatched data segregation.

Capability P2P ERP Current SCM
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Multiple Segregated Teams cross icon cross icon check
Team Specific Roles cross icon cross icon check
Audit Logging Variesinfo icon Usually check
Files, Notes & Status Updates Repository cross icon cross icon check
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I prefer this software over everything else I’ve used. It’s easy to use.
– Senior Buyer with 30 years of procurement experience
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