Managing the Chaos:
Procurement Challenges in a Digital Age

The Chaos

What are the pitfalls of modern procurement, and how has this chaos worsened in the current global supply chain?

Procurement Challenges

What are the current difficulties procurement managers and supply chain teams face, and what are the critical pain points?

Software Solutions

Does adapting a supply chain software solution resolve these pain points, how does a software solution improve procurement?

March 22nd, 12pm MST

Meet the Speakers

Melissa Stockley
Lead Speaker

Procurement Expert

Melissa Stockley

With over 20 years of progressive experience in Supply Chain Management, Melissa understands the struggles of working in spreadsheets and complex software packages. Driven by her passion for streamlined SCM solutions, Melissa provides valuable insights to meet the needs of day-to-day users.
Lead Speaker

SAAS Executive

Nancy Estabrooks

Nancy began her 20 year career in the software industry and has perfected the understanding of what software should provide. She is an invaluable source of corporate strategy and knowledge of the Current SCM platform.