The Logistics Rollercoaster: Trends, Events, and Innovations Shaping 2024

Corey Jackson
Last updated
April 5, 2024
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Around the Web – February 1, 2024

With Around the Web, we share 5 of our favorite new supply chain-related posts from, well… around the web. Each roundup offers a diverse selection of expert opinions and industry insights. Enjoy!

8 Logistics Trends Shaking up Supply Chains in 2024

From Red Sea chaos to labor clashes, 2024 has already thrown plenty of curveballs at logistics managers. Stay ahead of the curve with 8 key trends to watch for in 2024. [Supply Chain Dive]

The 7 Trends Defining the Procurement Landscape in 2024

The year ahead has the potential to be a watershed moment for the procurement industry, as infusions of leading edge technology and process innovation conspire to enable procurement’s shift from spend management to strategic leadership. [CPOstrategy]

Top 10 Procurement Events in 2024

Stay ahead of the curve and level up your skills with these must-attend procurement events in 2024. From AI and digital transformation to sustainability and risk management, there’s something for everyone. [Procurement Magazine]

Warehouse Robots Taking Over? 2024 Promises Automation Explosion!

Robots are here to revolutionize warehouses in 2024! Get ready for explosive growth in robotics & AI including specialized apps & “robots as a service” (RaaS). Humans & robots working side-by-side for ultimate efficiency & flexibility. [Supply Chain Brain]

Intelligent Software is Leading a Supply Chain Transformation

Navigate global shifts, evolving customers, and disruptions with AI-powered software. Discover how it predicts demand, optimizes decisions, and builds resilience across your supply chain. [Supply Chain 24/7]

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