Supply Chain Management Software

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Introducing Current SCM

Current SCM is the first of its kind – supply chain management software purpose-built to support the most complex procurement & materials management projects. With Materials Management and Vendor Document Requirements uniquely integrated into the Order, Current SCM provides a unified, collaborative platform to streamline the end-to-end process of project-driven procurement & materials management.

If you engage in any of Direct Procurement, Technical Procurement, Project Procurement, or Third Party Procurement, Current SCM will improve your procurement & materials management workflow. If you engage in all four, Current SCM will revolutionize the way you do business.

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Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement

Direct Procurement

Manage the full procurement and materials management process within one unified supply chain management system, including material requirements planning, supplier relationship management, and sales order management.

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Technical Procurement

Manage complex technical material and document requirements. Control purchasing within a centralized platform. Manage inspections and non-conformance to ensure vendor compliance.

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Project Procurement

Manage multiple projects simultaneously, each with project-specific teams, roles, access, business rules, workflows, financials, reporting, and more! Maintain project visibility with real-time project information.

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Third Party Procurement

Manage multiple paying organizations within a single system, each with segregated access, data, and financials. Client-specific cost structures, contracts, requirements, business rules, and much more!

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End-To-End Supply Chain Management Software

Unrivaled Flexibility & Control

Information Access and Security

Two-level role-based access control (RBAC). Fully segregated Teams with team-specific and/or project-specific access, roles and permissions. Detailed audit logs for User access and activity.

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Custom Configuration

Customize at the team, client, and project levels, such as team-specific cost-coding & catalog structure, client-specific business rules & requirements, and/or project-specific access & permissions, and much more!

Centralized Data Management

A centralized repository for your numerous files, documents, and contracts. Several methods to import/export data. Robust data segregation capabilities allow for projects with confidential information.

Centralized Catalog Management

Reduce time, effort, and maverick spending by organizing and consolidating your catalog into one centralized, accessible, and controlled catalog or into various specialized catalogs.

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Workflow Automation

Customizable approval workflows (e.g., business rules, group approvals). Limit activities/actions that can occur at different transaction states. Deeply integrated into roles.

Real-Time Reporting

Powerful reporting engine offers robust reporting capabilities, including real-time supply chain analytics. Fully customizable reports & dashboards, including project-specific reports.

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Simple. Flexible. Robust.

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