Purchase Requisition Software

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement & Materials Management

End-to-End Management of Purchase Requisitions

Centralized, transparent, and efficient management of complex Purchase Requisitions through creation, review, approval, and fulfillment stages. Designed for project-based procurement.

Scaffold Requisitions with Only Preliminary Info

Stop waiting on missing information before initiating your process. Create  Purchase Requisitions with as little as a Name and Identifier number. Add or edit information as it becomes available.

Efficient, Collaborative Multi-User Interface

Current SCM allows multiple users to collaborate on the same Requisition at the same time. No more waiting for spreadsheets to be closed or wondering if you’re using the latest version.

Cloud-Based, Project-Driven Purchase Requisition Software

Purchase Requisition Management Within a Unified Procurement & Materials Management Software

Current SCM streamlines the process of planning and executing project-based Material Requisitions and Service Requisitions. Current SCM provides complete workflow support to efficiently progress complex Purchase Requisitions through creation, review, approval, and fulfillment stages.

When creating Purchase Requisitions, the software supports importing items, their required quantities, and metadata from external data sources. Current SCM also supports multiple fulfillment strategies (e.g., procure, existing inventory), multiple sourcing strategies (e.g., competitive sourcing, single sourcing, sole sourcing), and multiple item types (e.g., purchase items, client supplied items, feed-through items). And within each Purchase Requisition, you can add documents, attachments, notes, and assign tasks.

Purchase Requisition Software - BOM (Bill of Materials) | Current SCM

Configurable Purchase Requisition Approval Workflows

Leverage Purchase Requisition approval thresholds and customizable business rules for precise routing. Reject, revise, and submit for re-approval as required. Track the status and progress of your Material Requisitions and Service Requisitions in real-time and get instant updates whenever there are changes. And once a Purchase Requisition has been approved for fulfillment, its data can be imported into a new or existing Bid or Order.


Purchase Requisitions Not Required

Perhaps your organization does not require a Purchase Requisition for every Order? Unlike traditional ERPs that rigidly enforce a linear process of Requisition -> Bid -> Order, Current SCM allows you to begin the process at either the Requisition, Bid or Order stage.

Purchase Requisition Management Key Features

Quick-Start Purchase Requisition Creation

Current SCM supports the efficient creation of complex Purchase Requisitions, including:

  • The full and partial cloning of previous Purchase Requisitions
  • Building new Purchase Requisitions from previous or in-progress Bids or Orders
  • Building new Purchase Requisitions from design data or from scratch
Purchase Requisition Software - New Requisition Creation | Current SCM

Flexible Purchase Requisition Numbering

  • Within Current SCM, Purchase Requisitions can be numbered manually or automatically assigned a number based on your preferred numbering methodology.

    Auto Assign allows Current SCM to handle the numbering assignment of future Purchase Requisitions, automatically assigning numbers for Purchase Requisitions based on your preferred methodology. Opt-in or opt-out of automatic numbering on a per Business basis (e.g., client, supplier)
Flexible Document Numbering for Bid Management & Purchase Order Management | Current SCM

Configurable Approval Workflows with Multiple Routing Options

Out-of-the-box, Current SCM provides four general Purchase Requisition approval workflows:

  • Simple Fulfillment with Individual Approval: No step to assign fulfillment strategy, single approval stage before fulfillment. This workflow is typical of businesses that do not warehouse surplus (e.g. EPCM), and there is an assumed fulfillment strategy of procurement.
  • Simple Fulfillment with Group Approval: This workflow matches the previous but replaces a single approval with a group approval.
  • Variable Fulfillment with Individual Approval: This workflow inserts additional stages to assign fulfillment strategy and to approve the same. This is typical of industries that maintain inventory.
  • Variable Fulfillment with Group Approval: This workflow matches the previous but replaces a single approval with a group approval.
Purchase Requisition Software - Approval Workflows | Current SCM

Integrated Vendor Document Requirements

Current SCM streamlines the creation, communication, submission tracking, and expediting of vendor documents.

  • Vendor Document Requirements: Define specific vendor document requirements, including the document type, authentication requirements, submission format, and dynamic due date (e.g., document required ten days before shipment). Define vendor document requirements at the Purchase Requisition or Purchase Requisition item level.
  • Purchase Requisition Document Export: Current SCM generates a complete Requisition document export, including a description of included documents, Purchase Requisition document, BOM (Bill of Materials), specifications and standard drawings, and vendor document requirements.
Vendor Document Requirements Software - Purchase Requisition Management & Bid Management | Current SCM

Purchase Requisition Management Highlights

  • Cloud-Based Purchase Requisition Software
  • Integrated Materials Management
  • Integrated Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Requisition Collaboration
  • Requisitions Not Mandatory
    -> Start at Bid or Order
  • Material Requisitions & Service Requisitions
  • Purchase Requisition Milestone Dates
  • Flexible Purchase Requisition Numbering
  • Purchase Requisition Customization
  • Create Requisitions from Requisitions, Bids or Orders
  • Support for Multiple Fulfillment Strategies
  • Client Supplied Items
  • Vendor Supplied Items
  • Feed-Through Items
  • Competitive Sourcing Support
  • Single Sourcing Support
  • Sole Sourcing Support
  • Requisition Line-Level Specs and Standards
  • Requisition Line-Level Document Requirements
  • Requisition Line-Level Inspection Requirements
  • Requisition Line-Level File Attachments
  • Requisition Line-Level Notes
  • Requisition Line-Level Tasks
  • Purchase Requisition Document Export
  • Configurable Requisition Approval Workflows
  • Purchase Requisition Group Approvals
  • Purchase Requisition Approval Thresholds
  • Automated Requisition Approval Workflows
  • Real-Time Purchase Requisition Tracking
  • Real-Time Purchase Requisition Status Updates
  • Real-Time Requisition Line-Level Status Updates
  • Requisition Revision History & Audit Trail Logs
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