Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement & Materials Management

Real-Time SCM Analytics to Enable Informed Decisions

A single-source-of-truth that improves decision-making by enabling informed and efficient decisions to be made with the support of real-time supply chain data from a cloud-based software.

Project-Specific Supply Chain Visibility

Ensure Project control by maintaining supply chain visibility for each of your Projects via real-time Project-specific analytics, reports, and dashboards courtesy of our robust reporting engine.

Customize Reports to Track Your Supply Chain KPI’s

Use our intuitive Drag & Drop Report Designer to create custom reports to track the supply chain key performance indicators that matter most to your business.

Analytics, Reports & Dashboards to Track Your Supply Chain KPI’s

Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics for Project-Based Procurement & Materials Management

Offering a wealth of supply chain analytics, including Team level and Project level reporting capabilities, Current SCM’s powerful reporting engine makes it easy to organize and visualize procurement & materials management data. Quite simply, if it’s in the system, it can be reported on. And with real-time supply chain analytics, Current SCM enables informed decisions and ensures spend transparency and project visibility at any point.

Perhaps an Estimator is looking to leverage historical purchasing data for a specific item across multiple Offers and Orders to support an estimation. Perhaps a Buyer is looking for total historical spend with a specific supplier across multiple Projects to support a negotiation. Perhaps an Expeditor is looking for a detailed breakdown of outstanding document submissions for a specific Purchase Order. Or perhaps a Project Manager is looking for a project-specific dashboard with a high-level overview of current project spend and material status

Project-Based Supply Chain Management Software - Project Dashboards & Reports | Current SCM
Informed and Efficient Supply Chain Management

Harness the power of cloud-based, real-time supply chain analytics and empower your team to make confident, data-driven decisions for your organization’s success. Let detailed data guide your procurement strategies, ensuring informed and efficient supply chain management.

Supply Chain Analytics Key Features

Powerful Reporting Engine

One of the things Users love most about Current SCM is its powerful, procurement-centric, real-time reporting capabilities. Current SCM offers an unrivalled array of procurement & materials management reports, including reports for Historical Price Data, Supplier Diversity Spend, Requisition Item Details, Requisition Summaries, Bid Item Details, Bid Summaries, Order Item Details, Order Summaries, Over Under, Items in Transit, Order Expediting, Document Expediting, Release Planning, Service Management, Planned Spend, Committed Spend, Invoiced Spend, Invoice Aging, Cashflow Detail, Cashflow Summaries, Asset Maintenance Planning, and much more!
Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics - Powerful Reporting Engine | Current SCM

Multi Level Reporting

Current SCM offers immense custom configuration capabilities and this customization extends to reporting. While Current SCM is organized by Teams and Projects, these terms can be customized to how you organize procurement within your business. 

  • Perhaps you manage procurement for your business holistically as one Team, or perhaps you organize by Divisions, Programs, or Clients
  • Perhaps you drill down by Project, Product, or Region

With Current SCM, you will have access to robust reports that align with the way you organize procurement for your business

  • Team level reports, such as User Access, Activity Logs, Catalog Items, Vendors, and Asset Maintenance Planning
  • Project level reports for Budget, Deliverable Counts, Milestone Date Status, Task Status, Outstanding Document Submissions, Financial Summary, Invoice Aging, Inventory Valuation, Cost by Code, Cost by Diversity Type, and much more!
Project-Based Supply Chain Management Software - Project Dashboards & Reports | Current SCM

Build Custom Reports with Current SCM’s Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Report Designer

When creating a report in Current SCM, use the Customize View tab to see a list of the available supply chain metrics for the report you are creating. Drag-and-drop these supply chain metrics and watch your dynamic report take form. When you are happy with your report, label it, save it, and mark it as a favorite so you can quickly access the report in the future. And when saving your new report, you can choose to share it with your team! Enjoy real-time insight into your most important procurement KPI's in a clean, visual format as customized by you.
Real-Time Supply Chain Analytics - Custom Reports | Current SCM

Supply Chain Analytics Highlights

  • Cloud-Based Supply Chain Management Software
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Procurement Reports
  • Materials Management Reports
  • Project Management Reports
  • Project-Specific Dashboards
  • Project-Specific Reports
  • Team-Specific Reports
  • Customizable Reports
  • Native Exports to PDF & Excel
  • Full Programmatic Access (API)
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