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Manage Materials with Ease Throughout Your Procurement Projects

Easy visualization of materials in constant movement to help plan, track, allocate, and release.
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Materials Allocation

Current SCM’s flexible reporting lets you easily see what's going on with material allocations while working on your purchase orders.

With everything in the same app, you can quickly review your allocation tables and see the status of every PO in real time. This allows your procurement team to identify over/under scenarios and split orders based on current demand.

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Materials Inventory Tracking

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No more digging around in different spreadsheets or apps
See what’s been allocated across all your POs
Ensure efficient material allocation
All in one simple interface

Material Release

Save time automating releases based on predefined allocations and systemic workflows.
Current SMC’s user-friendly interface gives users a centralized spot to easily:

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Track vendor information
Validate order status
Cut releases

You can even set custom statuses to automate progression of material and storage releases, from pre-release and shipment of materials to final clearance.

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Material Receiving

Centralize material receiving and quickly compare initial releases with the confirmed materials. Then easily send receiving reports and update quantities as needed. Current makes it easy to log notes against all orders so you can keep track of:

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Final quantities


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Quickly meet clients’ different reporting requirements
Go as granular as you need to
Fully customizable

Centralized Materials Management

Current SCM empowers procurement & materials management teams with live project data in an easy-to-use interface. From material requirements planning to material receiving, keep better track of materials inventory and ensure efficient material allocation with custom workflows and robust reporting.

Capability P2P ERP Current SCM
Materials Allocation cross icon cross icon check
Inventory Tracking Limitedinfo icon Variesinfo icon check
Material Release cross icon Usually check
Material Receiving cross icon Usually check
Grouping Variesinfo icon Usually check
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I prefer this software over everything else I’ve used. It’s easy to use.
– Senior Buyer with 30 years of procurement experience
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