Purchase Order Management Software

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Materials Management Integrated into the Order

With Materials Management integrated into the Purchase Order, Current SCM offers unparalleled support to plan, allocate, purchase, track, expedite, and release your materials.

Line-Level Purchase Order Status Updates

Current SCM was designed for live tracking. No more waiting for reports or stale information. Leverage real-time status updates at the Purchase Order level and Purchase Order line-level.

Choose Which Party ‘Owns’ the Purchase Order

Choose between issuing Purchase Orders with your organization’s information and logo or with your client’s information and logo. A must-have for Third Party Procurement.

Cloud-Based Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management Within a Unified Procurement & Materials Management Software

With Materials Management and Vendor Document Requirements (VDR) uniquely integrated into the Purchase Order, Current SCM streamlines the process of planning and executing complex Purchase Orders. A unified, collaborative platform for Buyers and Expeditors, Current SCM provides complete and flexible workflow support to efficiently progress Purchase Orders through creation, document requirement planning, review, internal approval, client approval, issuance, tracking, document & material expediting, release planning, receiving, and invoice matching stages.

Expertly handle Purchase Orders, whether they have one line item or thousands.

Purchase order management software | Current SCM

Intelligent, Centralized, and Efficient Purchase Order Management

Featuring tremendous customization capabilities, configurable workflows, and the ability to start the purchasing process with a Requisition, Bid, or Purchase Order, Current SCM offers unrivalled flexibility to integrate into your Purchase Order process. And its intuitive, user-friendly interface allows for quick user adoption and scale.

Decrease your Purchase Order cycle time with Current SCM.

Purchase Order Management Key Features

Quick-Start Purchase Order Creation

Current SCM supports the efficient creation of comprehensive Purchase Orders, including:

  • Converting an Offer into a Purchase Order
  • Grouping multiple Offers into a single Purchase Order
  • The full and partial cloning of previous Purchase Orders
  • Building new Purchase Orders from previous or in-progress Requisitions or Bids
  • Building new Purchase Orders from design data or from scratch
Purchase order management software: Create new order | Current SCM

Flexible Purchase Order Numbering

  • Within Current SCM, Purchase Orders can be numbered manually or automatically assigned a number based on your preferred numbering methodology. Auto Assign allows Current SCM to handle the numbering assignment of future Purchase Orders, automatically assigning numbers for Purchase Orders based on your preferred methodology.

    Opt-in or opt-out of automatic numbering on a per Business basis (e.g., client, supplier)
Flexible Document Numbering for Bid Management & Purchase Order Management | Current SCM

Multiple Owner Purchase Order Management

Current SCM is a must-have for Third Party Procurement.

  • Within a project in Current SCM you can have multiple owners of Purchase Orders.
  • Purchase Orders can be issued with your clients’ information and logo or with your organization’s information and logo.
  • If there is more than one paying organization, Purchase Orders can be issued from the joint venture to split the cost.
07 Screenshot Multiple Payor

Integrated Vendor Document Requirements & Expediting

With Vendor Document Requirements integrated into the Purchase Order, Current SCM streamlines the creation, standardization, communication, submission tracking, and expediting of vendor documents.

  • Vendor Document Requirements: Define specific vendor document requirements, including the document type, authentication requirements, submission format, and dynamic due date (e.g., document required ten days before shipment). Define vendor document requirements at the Purchase Order or Purchase Order item level.
  • Purchase Order Document Export: Current SCM generates a complete Purchase Order document export, including paying organization branded Purchase Order, commercial terms, BOM (Bill of Materials), contractual terms, specs and standards, and vendor document requirements.
Vendor Document Requirements Management software: required documents | Current SCM

Integrated Materials Management & Expediting

  • With Materials Management integrated into the Purchase Order, Current SCM provides a seamless platform to purchase and manage your materials. Current SCM provides complete and flexible workflow support to efficiently manage material through planning, purchasing, tracking, expediting, allocating, release planning, inspecting, and receiving.

    Whether your fulfillment strategy is to procure, draw from existing inventory, or a mixture of both, Current SCM can help. Leverage real-time inventory reporting by project, business, or location to ensure you are optimizing inventory and purchasing only what you require. And when procurement is required, leverage powerful line-level Order status updates to monitor delivery schedules, manage key milestones, and proactively identify any material delays or shortages.
Materials Management software: material release planning | Current SCM

Order Invoicing Dashboard

Current SCM offers a high-level Invoicing dashboard for each Purchase Order to offer stakeholders a quick view of the current invoicing status of the Order:

  • Invoices: Number of invoices
  • Remaining to Plan (Committed)
  • Committed: The sum of the Order lines as of the last time the Order has been committed
  • Invoiced Amount: The sum (in Order currency) of the invoices not in a draft or rejected state
  • To Invoice: The difference between the Committed order value and the Invoiced Amount
Purchase Order Management software: invoicing dashboard | Current SCM

Purchase Order Management Highlights

  • Cloud-Based Purchase Order Management
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Purchase Order Collaboration
  • Supports Third Party Procurement
  • Allows for Multiple Paying Organizations
  • Multi-Currency
  • Integrated Materials Management
  • Integrated Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)
  • Purchase Order Customization
  • Purchase Order Milestone Dates
  • Configurable Purchase Order Approval Workflows
  • Automated Purchase Order Approval Workflows
  • Group Approvals
  • Configurable Contract Templates
  • Create Purchase Orders from Scratch
  • Create Purchase Orders from Requisitions, Bids or Orders
  • Flexible Purchase Order Numbering
  • Line-Level Specifications and Standard Drawings
  • Line-Level Vendor Document Requirements
  • Line-Level Inspection Requirements
  • Line-Level ‘Required By’ Dates
  • Line-Level Tags / Component Identifiers
  • Line-Level Cost Account Coding
  • Line-Level Notes
  • Line-Level File Attachments
  • Line-Level Tasks
  • Real-Time Purchase Order Status Updates
  • Line-Level Purchase Order Status Updates
  • Purchase Order-Specific Invoicing Dashboard
  • Line-Level Invoicing
  • Vendor Invoice Matching
  • Purchase Order Revision History & Audit Trail Logs
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