Project Inventory Management Software

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement & Materials Management

Ensure Inventory Availability

Current SCM leverages inventory checks to confirm upstream material will be available on the ship date and automatically generates notifications if the upstream material is not available.

Maximize Existing Inventory

Real-time insight into existing inventory to reduce or eliminate redundant spend. Know what’s on hand, purchase only what you need, and pull from other projects as priorities shift.

Eliminate Wasteful Spend

Prevent shortages that cause costly project delays and lost productivity, while avoiding expensive rush orders. Eliminate overbuying and related transfer/storage, reducing risk of damage and theft.

Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software for Projects

Efficient Management of Inventory in Constant Movement

Struggling to keep track of raw materials, components, finished goods, tools, and equipment? Current SCM offers a powerful solution for businesses with project-based inventory needs, such as construction and contract manufacturing. Track the entire lifecycle of your inventory, including planning, purchasing, tracking, storage, consumption, and even asset management.

Know what you have, and where it is. From suppliers and carriers to fabricators, storage facilities, and construction sites, Current SCM automatically manages inventory transactions whenever items move between locations.

Whether you need to focus on a specific project or track everything across your entire business, Current SCM provides a single, clear view of your inventory. Gain valuable insights into how your inventory has been built up over time. Analyze trends and optimize your ordering process for maximum efficiency.

Project Inventory Management Software | Current SCM

Real-Time, Project-Specific Inventory Visibility

Say goodbye to inventory shortages that delay or halt projects and over-purchasing that wastes valuable resources. Current SCM’s powerful inventory reporting goes beyond simple stock counts:

  • Real-Time Inventory Availability: Leverage real-time inventory availability by Project, Business, or Location to ensure you are optimizing inventory and purchasing only what you require.
  • Existing & Planned Inventory: Adjust to shifting project priorities by locating material from existing or planned inventory from current project or another project.
  • Future Inventory Projection: Project future inventory availability for any date based on all incoming and outgoing orders to proactively address any inventory shortages.

 Say goodbye to chasing down inventory and hello to complete control.

Project Inventory Management Key Features

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Current SCM offers real-time inventory tracking by Project, Business, Location, and Catalog Item:

  • Project Inventory: reports inventory purchased by the Project.
  • Business Inventory: reports inventory held by Locations associated with the Business across Projects. 
  • Location Inventory: reports inventory held at a specific Location across Projects. 

Inventory is further broken down by status:

  • Projected Stock: inventory available within the listing context (e.g., Project, Business)
  • Allocated: inventory that has a commitment in place
  • Available for Allocation: inventory that is available to be committed
  • Quantity Incoming: inventory that has a pending allocation in place to bring it into stock
Project Inventory Management Software - Inventory Listing | Current SCM

Order Item Inline Inventory Listing

Convenient access at the Order Item level to an inline Inventory Listing offering several key insights:

  • Locations: details of where the inventory is being held
  • Transactions: finalized inventory transactions associated with the item
  • Requisitions, Bids, Offers: details about where the item has been utilized
  • Orders: details where the item has been purchased or supplied on an Order
  • Releases: if the item has been released from inventory, a detailed listing of the release will be available
Project Inventory Management Software - Order Inline Inventory Listing | Current SCM

Material Tracking Integrated into the Order

With Material and Vendor Document tracking uniquely integrated into the Purchase Order, Current SCM provides a seamless platform to both purchase and track your materials.

  • Leverage real-time order status updates and real-time order line-level status updates to manage key milestones, monitor delivery schedules, and identify any material delays or shortages.
  • Prioritize critical orders to ensure on-time delivery.
  • As needed, locate material from existing or planned inventory from current project or another project.
Material & Document Tracking Software - Expediting Dashboard | Current SCM

Inventory Reconciliation

Current SCM supports an inventory reconciliation workflow to quickly note the actual inventory at a physical location and ensure accuracy of physical counts versus the system’s records. The system will create either ‘Destruction’ or ‘Discovery’ inventory transactions for each item that was out of sync

Project Inventory Management Software - Inventory Reconciliation | Current SCM

Cross-Project Inventory Visibility & Transfers

Current SCM allows for the option to view and share inventory across all Projects under the same Team. Use cases may include:

  • For Organizations with a preference for centralized warehousing, inventory can be purchased in bulk and issued to specific Projects as required
  • For Teams purchasing the same materials across multiple Projects, Buyers have the necessary insights to maximize buying power
  • For Projects with multiple Buyers, Buyers can ensure they are utilizing existing available inventory
  • In instances of changing material requirements or priorities, inventory can be transferred between Projects as required
  • For Projects with surplus inventory, inventory can be transferred to another Project or back to a centralized warehouse
Materials Management Software - Material Inventory Transfer | Current SCM

Project Inventory Management Highlights

  • Inventory Management Software
  • Project Inventory Management
  • Construction Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Inventory Management
  • Tags / Component Identifiers
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking by Project
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking by Business
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking by Location
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking by Catalog Item
  • Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Purchasing
  • Order Item Inline Inventory Listing
  • Inventory Control
  • Upstream Material Shortage Notifications
  • Upstream Material At-Risk Notifications
  • Downstream Material Delay Notifications
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Project Inventory Valuation Report
  • Cross-Project Inventory Visibility & Transfers
  • Central Inventory Purchasing Support
  • Central Inventory Warehousing Support
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