Engineering Procurement Software

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement & Materials Management

Manage Multiple Projects Within a Single Software

Manage procurement for multiple Engineering projects for one or many clients within a single software. Completely segregated project data and unrivaled customization for each project.

Manage Multiple Clients Within a Single Software

Current SCM offers segregated access for multiple paying organizations, limitless client-specific customizations, and the ability to choose which party ‘owns’ the Order.

Order Line-Level Technical Metadata

All technical data readily available at the Order line-level, including detailed metadata from the catalog, specs and standards, required documents, inspection requirements, and more!

Cloud-Based, Project-Driven EPC Software

Engineering Procurement Software Built by Engineering Professionals

Current SCM can relate to Engineering supply chain management challenges because it was developed by a respected Engineering firm after an exhaustive 18-month search to find SCM software that could truly meet the unique needs of a project-based organization.

Current SCM offers a project-centric approach to Procurement & Materials Management, including the flexibility to manage procurement for multiple projects within a single software with unrivaled project-specific flexibility for each project. Current SCM is loaded with tools to support the procurement of highly technical materials and services, including centralized procurement catalog management and both Vendor Document Requirements (VDR) & Materials Management uniquely integrated into the Order. And with robust data segregation capabilities and support for multiple paying organizations, Current SCM enables third party procurement for multiple clients within a single software.

Whether working within an EP contract, EPCM contract, EPC contract, or EPCI contract, Current SCM is an absolute game changer for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.

Project Management Procurement Software - Project Planning | Current SCM

Unrivaled Project-Specific Flexibility

Every EPC project is unique. Project Procurement management requires flexibility, which is precisely what Current SCM provides. Current SCM excels in accommodating diverse project requirements with unrivaled project customization options, including project-specific teams, approved vendors, locations, budgets, milestones, cost structures, workflows, bid evaluations, terms, reports, and much more! From material requirements planning to final inspection, Current SCM offers convenient cloud-based access to real-time supply chain data to ensure informed decisions, expedite action, and keep your projects on time and on budget.

Manage Procurement for Multiple Clients Within a Single Software

Third Party Procurement also requires flexibility. It starts with the flexibility to manage procurement for multiple clients within a single software, each client with their own exclusive access and data segregation. It includes client-specific business rules & workflows to progress Orders through client approval stages. And it includes the flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each client’s business.

Streamline Engineering procurement management with Current SCM.

Engineering Procurement Software Key Features

Unrivaled Project Customization & Control

To accommodate the unique requirements of each Engineering project, Current SCM offers unrivaled project customizations, such as project-specific teams, roles & permissions, approved vendors, locations (e.g., bill to, destination, store at, fabricate at), budgets, milestones, currencies, tax structures, business rules, chain of orderables, workflows, bid evaluations, payment terms, contract terms, documents numbering rules, vendor evaluations, vendor diversity types, IncoTerms, release terms, inventory, reports, and much more!

Project Management Procurement Software - Project Planning | Current SCM

Manage Multiple Paying Organizations

If your organization purchases or acts as an agent on behalf of other organizations, this is a game changer. Current SCM was designed with the flexibility to include multiple paying organizations.

  • Each organization can have its own segregated team, cost structure, payment terms, contract templates, document numbering rules, business rules, workflows, catalog(s), approved vendors, inventory, reports and much more, all within a single instance.
  • Orders can be issued with your clients’ information and logo, or with your organizations’ information and logo.
  • If there is more than one paying organization, Orders can be issued from the joint venture to share the cost.
Engineering Procurement Software - Third Party Procurement | Current SCM

Two-Level Role Based Access Control

Users must be added to Teams. Each User can be added to multiple Teams. Each User can be assigned one or multiple Roles per Team, including different Roles and permissions per Team. Each User can also be assigned one or multiple custom permissions at the Team level.

Team members must be added to specific Projects to access information related to those Projects. Each Team member can be added to multiple Projects. Each Team member can be assigned one or multiple Roles per Project, including different Roles and permissions per Project. Each Team member can also be assigned one or multiple custom permissions at the Project level.

Project Procurement Software - Customizable Project Teams & Roles | Current SCM

Guide Purchasing of Technical Items with Centralized Procurement Catalog Management

When purchasing highly technical goods and services, it is in an organization’s best interest to put guidelines or controls in place. Current SCM’s highly flexible procurement catalog toolset provides several options to help guide or control your purchasing. 

  • An example to help guide purchasing would be to create a structured catalog complete with well-defined descriptions, precise measurements & attributes, and detailed metadata to provide Buyers with the information they need to make the right purchase.
  • An example to help control purchasing would be to create a business rule to limit purchasing only to Catalog Items that have been approved for use.
Engineering Procurement Software - Centralized Catalog Management | Current SCM

Integrated Vendor Document Requirements

With Vendor Document Requirements uniquely integrated into the Order, Current SCM streamlines the creation, standardization, communication, tracking, and expediting of vendor documents.

  • Vendor Document Requirements: Define specific vendor document requirements, including the document type, authentication requirements, submission format, and dynamic due date (e.g., document required ten days before shipment). Define vendor document requirements at the Order or Order item level.
  • Order Document Export: Current SCM generates a complete Order document export, including paying organization branded Order, commercial terms, BOM (Bill of Materials), contractual terms, specs and standards, and vendor document requirements.
Engineering Procurement Software - Vendor Document Requirements Management | Current SCM

Integrated Materials Management

With Materials Management uniquely integrated into the Order, Current SCM provides a seamless platform to purchase and manage your materials. Current SCM provides complete and flexible workflow support to efficiently manage material through planning, purchasing, allocating, tracking, expediting, releasing, inspecting, and receiving.

Leverage real-time inventory reporting by project, business, or location to ensure you are optimizing inventory and purchasing only what you require. And when procurement is required, leverage powerful line-level Order status updates to monitor delivery schedules, manage key milestones, and proactively identify any material delays or shortages.

Whether your fulfillment strategy is to procure, draw from existing inventory, or a mixture of both, Current SCM can help.

Construction Material Management Software - Material Release Planning | Current SCM

Real-Time Project-Specific Reports

Current SCM offers a project dashboard outlining critical project KPIs, as well as a wide array of customizable, real-time project-specific reports, including:

  • Project Cumulative BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Project Budget Report
  • Project Dates Report
  • Project Completion Report
  • Project Over Under
  • Project Document Requirements Report
  • Project Outstanding Document Submissions
  • Project Invoice Aging Report
  • Project Inventory Valuation Report
  • Project Financial Summary Report
  • Project Cost by Code Report
  • Project Cost by Diversity Type
  • Project Stale Transactions Report
  • …and much more!
Engineering Procurement Software - Project Procurement | Current SCM

Engineering Procurement Software Highlights

  • Cloud-Based Engineering Procurement Software
  • Integrated Materials Management
  • Integrated Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)
  • Two-Level RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)
  • Client and Project-Specific Roles & Permissions
  • Multi-Project User Management
  • Centralized Catalog Management
  • 3-Level Structure: Catalog -> Class -> Sub-Class
  • Create Multiple Specialized Catalogs
  • Supports Multiple Paying Organizations
  • Segregated Client Access
  • Segregated Client Teams
  • Specifications & Standard Drawings Management
  • Cumulative Project BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Client and Project-Specific Approved Vendors
  • Project-Specific Milestone Dates
  • Client and Project-Specific Cost Structures
  • Client and Project-Specific Payment Terms
  • Client and Project-Specific Contract Templates
  • Client and Project-Specific Business Rules
  • Client and Project-Specific Workflows
  • Bid Comparison Grid
  • Project-Specific Bid Evaluations
  • Client and Project-Specific Vendor Evaluations
  • Client and Project-Specific IncoTerms
  • Client and Project-Specific Release Terms
  • Client and Project-Specific Receiving Report Term
  • Inspection Management
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Real-Time Client and Project-Specific Reports
  • Project-Specific Inventory
  • Cross-Project Inventory Transfers
  • Project-Specific Asset Management
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