Current SCM Training

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

No Mandatory Training Requirements

All Users have access to contextual support throughout the application and a robust in-application Get Help section offering guidance on a variety of topics.

Expedite User Adoption with Support of Our Experts

If you are looking to expedite User adoption and efficiency within the system, we offer training services focused on maximizing your software investment.

Customized Training Plans for Your Business

If self-guided training isn’t for you or if you are looking to expedite adoption, we can build custom training plans tailored to specific business needs or budgets.

Maximize Your Software Investment

Unique Training Plans Designed to Expedite User Adoption

Current SCM was purpose-built to address complex procurement and materials management needs. Don’t be fooled by the clean, user-friendly, intuitive interface – this software is an absolute beast, with robust capabilities and depth. That’s not to say a savvy user couldn’t learn the software on their own. We’ve had many users successfully train themselves. But depending on the complexity of your procurement processes, the tech savviness of your users, and the size of your team, our experience suggests that even base-level training will significantly expedite your team’s adoption of the application. And if you’re looking to truly maximize the capabilities of Current SCM, we would strongly encourage you to leverage our experts to support you with training for all the functionality you intend to use (e.g., Centralized Catalog Management, Vendor Document Management, Purchase Order Management). We would first consult with you to learn more about your needs, your team, and how you intend to use the application. We would then put together a unique training plan for your business, including an outline of recommended training courses, ideal timelines, recommended delivery style (lecture or classroom), format (remote or in-person), and even the specific job roles recommended to attend each training session.

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Current SCM Training Key Features

Building a Training Plan for Your Unique Needs

Our experts will consult with you to build a custom training program tailored to your unique needs. This includes choosing your specific training courses, choosing between lecture-style or classroom-style, and whether to deliver the training remotely or in-person.

  • We offer 18 standard training courses which combine to offer a comprehensive overview of Current SCM.
  • Lecture-style teaches concepts and foundational skills, with expectation that the trainees will apply the concepts after training in test environments or real-world applications.
  • Classroom-style includes additional time to apply learnings during the training session. And whether delivered remotely or in-person, all training sessions can be recorded for future use.
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In-Application Contextual Help

Throughout the application, there are inline help buttons offering relevant contextual support. When a User clicks on any one of the inline help buttons, a small window appears to provide some guidance on the current interface, as well as provide a link to more detailed insights within the ‘Get Help’ section.
Screenshot Inline Help

In-Application Support Section

The application includes a ‘Get Help’ section featuring videos and robust documentation offering insight into and guidance on concepts, interfaces, and system processes.

  • The section is structured into specific Help Topics that are chronologically organized to follow the typical use of the application.
  • The Get Help section can be searched to find relevant topics.
Screenshot Get Help

Current SCM Training Highlights

  • No Mandatory Training Requirements
  • Comprehensive Training Packages Available
  • Customized Training Plans Available
  • In-Application Support
  • Remote or In-Person Training
  • Lecture or Classroom-Style Training
  • Super User Training
  • Procurement User Training
  • Catalog Management Training
  • Project Opening Training
  • Project BOM Training
  • Document Management Training
  • Requisition Management Training
  • Bid Issuance Training
  • Bid Receipt Training
  • Purchase Order Management Training
  • Materials Management Training
  • Expediting Training
  • Cross-Project Inventory Management Training
  • Custom Reporting Training
  • Contract Builder Training
  • Service Order Planning & Management Training
  • Sales Order Management Training
  • Materials Management for Sales Orders Training
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