About Current SCM

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Purpose-Built by a Leading EPCM Firm

A Subsidiary of Vista Projects Limited

Current SCM is the first software offering from Current Suite Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Vista Projects Limited.

Vista Projects is an integrated industrial Engineering and system integration firm with offices in Calgary, Houston, and Oman. Vista has been a trusted partner to clients since 1985, working to efficiently solve their most complex challenges while contributing to some of the most successful projects in markets across North America.

Vista has completed over 1,400 projects with TIC (Total Installation Cost) exceeding $30B.

Software Born Out of Necessity

A nationally recognized best-managed company, Vista Projects is a frontrunner in digitizing its operations to deliver even greater value to their clients. Identifying a critical need for improved supply chain management software, Vista enlisted the expertise of a leading software consulting firm and embarked on an 18-month search. The exhaustive search confirmed the gap in the market for project-centric supply chain management software, prompting Vista to take the bold step of developing their own solution.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vista launched what would eventually become known as Current SCM. The software had such a significant impact within the already fine-tuned organization that the decision was made in 2021 to form a new company (Current Suite Ltd.) to bring the software to market.

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

First of Its Kind

Current SCM is the first of its kind – supply chain management software purpose-built to support the most complex procurement & materials management projects. With Materials Management and Vendor Document Requirements uniquely integrated into the Order, Current SCM provides a unified, collaborative platform to streamline the end-to-end process of project-driven procurement & materials management.

If you engage in any of Direct Procurement, Technical Procurement, Project Procurement, or Third Party Procurement, Current SCM will improve your procurement & materials management workflow. If you engage in all four, Current SCM will revolutionize the way you do business.

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Driving Project Success

However you define or celebrate project success, we are committed to supporting you.

Our Vision

To revolutionize and become the recognized standard for Supply Chain Management software for project-driven organizations.

About Current SCM | Driving Project Success for Procurement Teams

Our Mission

To provide a powerful, project-centric solution for the full Procurement & Materials Management lifecycle, enabling our clients to maximize collaboration, optimize efficiency, minimize risk, control/reduce costs, and ultimately drive project success.

About Current SCM | Driving Project Success for Engineering & Construction

Our Values

People First: We value people; we respect differing viewpoints; we are respectful to each other and the team at large.

Positive Discontent: We can always be better in our execution and improve our solution to be an even greater asset for our customers.

Competitively Urgent: We act as if any delay in action could lead to a loss of customers or cause the departure of one of our teammates.

Highly Ethical/Transparent: We believe in an unwavering commitment to ethical and honest business practices. We are who we say we are.

Collaborative & Solution-Oriented: We work together in a way that respects everyone’s needs and priorities; we are solution-obsessed.

Empathetic & Understanding: We work to understand each other and all our stakeholders. 

We are a Team: We are not selfish or self-focused; we value and support each member; we hold ourselves and our teammates accountable.

About Current SCM | Driving Project Success for Project Management Teams
About Current SCM | Driving Project Success for Procurement TeamsAbout Current SCM | Driving Project Success for Engineering & ConstructionAbout Current SCM | Driving Project Success for Project Management Teams
Hear from some of our actual users
“I like CurrentSCM, I can generate reports one click away! You can save emails and invoices and plus the flexibility that you can customize the reports, save the template and everything is real-time. It’s easier to track deliverables and all can use the system at the same time. It is a very useful tool that makes me more productive.”
Mary DY
Hear from some of our actual users
"One of the best Procurement systems I have used and very user friendly. Creating an RFQ to issuing PO's is so easy, same with creating a report. Reports can be customized based on your required info. One of the best stages I like in this system was creating bid evaluations, once you start using the evaluation tool you will not go back to using excel again 😊"
Joy Dumapit
Senior Buyer
Hear from some of our actual users
"I started CurrentSCM a year ago. The system is very user- friendly and intuitive. The workflow from Requisition to Bids to Purchase Orders and even Expediting has been very smooth. The approval process to proceed to different ‘States’ of each package allows for multiple checks and balances."
Kleina McMullen
Buyer/ Senior Expeditor
Hear from some of our actual users
"CurrentSCM has allowed me to plan and execute projects in an effective and efficient manner. It has provided me a comprehensive, customizable platform for all types of Supply Chains. As a result, the system has been working for me rather than me having to work for the system. It also includes historical data that has assisted in negotiations with vendors."
Mike Klamer
Supply Chain Manager
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