Vendor Management Software

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement & Materials Management

Centralized Vendor Data Management

Efficiently maintain records of all key vendors, including essential details such as key contacts, locations, approved projects, preferred terms, and complete Bid and Order history.

Data-Driven Vendor Performance Management

Manage vendor performance by tracking vendor KPI metrics, creating & sharing custom vendor performance evaluations, and leveraging qualitative vendor performance ratings.

Proactive Vendor Risk Management

Mitigate vendor risk through various tools, including integrated Vendor Document Requirements, inspection management, vendor non-conformance reporting, and vendor summary reports.

Cloud-Based, Project-Driven Vendor Management

Streamline Vendor Enrollment, Engagement and Evaluation

Unlock the full potential of your vendor relationships with our vendor management software.

Seamlessly oversee and monitor vendor relationships. Empower your team with centralized vendor information to maximize and strengthen your vendor relationships. Track vendor performance, measure vendor compliance against the terms and conditions of your contract, and identify areas for vendor improvement. Optimize the vendor performance evaluation process, enable informed decisions regarding ideal vendors, and build resilient and sustainable vendor relationships through our comprehensive vendor management tools.

Vendor Management Software - Vendor Information Management | Current SCM

Efficient Vendor Management Through Categorization & Customization

For efficient vendor management, categorize vendors under one or more business types, including Supplier, Fabricator, Carrier, Storage, and Service Provider. Add custom specialties to each vendor to allow for further categorization. Create custom vendor diversity types and tag relevant vendors. Customize each vendor by adding vendor-specific currency, default tax, payment terms, IncoTerms, document numbering configuration, business transaction settings, business transaction rules, and much more!

Vendor Management Key Features

Centralized Vendor Information Management

  • Maintain records of all key vendors, including essential details such as core company information, key contacts, locations & location type, time zone, company logo, approved projects, global agreements/contracts, preferred terms, and more!
  • Complete vendor-specific transaction history, including every Bid and every Order.
  • Cloud-based vendor data accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device with an internet connection.
Vendor Management Software - Vendor Information Management | Current SCM

Vendor Diversity Tracking

  • Current SCM supports the delivery of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives with built-in vendor diversity tracking.
  • Create custom vendor diversity types in alignment with your ESG objectives.
  • Generate automatic reports for bidding history and purchase value by vendor diversity type.
Vendor Management Software - Vendor Diversity Tracking | Current SCM

Data-Driven Vendor Performance Management

  • Evaluate vendor performance within a data-driven and transparent vendor evaluation system that simplifies the evaluation process:
    • Customizable vendor evaluation templates
    • Project or Order-centric assessments
  • Track Orders, timelines, compliance, delivery quality, and other vendor performance management KPIs.
  • Manage, monitor, and optimize vendor performance with qualitative vendor performance rating.
Vendor Management Software - Vendor Evaluation Management | Current SCM

Proactive Vendor Risk Management

  • Track all issues of vendor non-conformance with automated non-conformance reporting.
  • Identify and mitigate vendor-related risks through vendor performance analysis and vendor performance rating.
  • Give decision-makers across the company insight at the point of decision to purchase from ideal vendors.
Vendor Management Software - Vendor Summary Report | Current SCM

Vendor Management Highlights

  • Cloud-Based Vendor Management Software
  • Centralized Vendor Data Management
  • Vendor-Specific Contacts
  • Vendor-Specific Locations
  • Vendor-Specific Currency
  • Vendor-Specific Default Tax
  • Vendor-Specific Contracts
  • Vendor-Specific Payment Terms
  • Vendor-Specific IncoTerms
  • Vendor-Specific Business Rules
  • Vendor-Specific Transaction Settings
  • Project-Specific Approved Vendors
  • Vendor-Specific Bid Packages
  • Vendor-Specific Bid History
  • Vendor-Specific Order History
  • Integrated Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)
  • Vendor Document Submission Tracking
  • Milestone-Driven Vendor Document Expediting
  • Inspection Management
  • Vendor Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR)
  • Data-Driven Vendor Performance Management
  • Vendor KPIs
  • Customizable Vendor Evaluations
  • Project-Centric Vendor Evaluations
  • Order-Centric Vendor Evaluations
  • Vendor Categorization
  • Vendor Diversity Tracking
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