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Client Focused Implementation

Current SCM has flexible implementation options to help your team get started in days not months.

Onboarding Built Just For You.

Onboarding Current SCM

Self Guided

Get Going in Hours. Perfect for Small Business


Choose Exactly How Much Support You Need.

Turn Key Implementation

We provide you with full training and implementation services.

Option 1 - Self Guided Implementation

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A self-paced implementation, you can get going today:

Self guided setup process that will have you ready in hours instead of weeks.
Users will leverage documentation and videos to configure their instance and learn about the software.
No mandatory implementation, budget concious.
Access to support services for questions and concerns.
Simple. Inexpensive. Fast.

Is self-guided right for you?

You have the time to set yourself up.
You and your team are methodical and have experience
setting up software for your stakeholders.
You have simple procurement processes, a small number of active seats, or small amounts of data.
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Option 2 - Custom Implementation

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Fully customized onboarding processes to fit your unique needs:

Highly customizable learning process for any team or stakeholders.
Pick and choose what learning and support services you need.
Our consultants will work with you to optimize your budget.
Get started the same week.

Is custom implementation right for you?

You’re unsure how your processes will fit with Current SCM and you’d like onboarding from an expert.
You want someone to bounce ideas off or confirm you are setting things up in the best possible way.
You'd like guidance or advice while going through the onboarding process.
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Option 3 - Full Implementation

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A full spectrum, in-depth onboarding of your team with our dedicated experts:

On launch day your data will be fully loaded, and your team will be fully trained.
Three main streams: Data Implementation (Data Loading), Consulting on configuration, Training the team.
Training: 18 separate training courses delivered in either a Lecture or Classroom style.
Data Loading: assisting extracting data from other applications and data sources, and importing into Current SCM.
Consulting: Our experienced implementation engineers will work with you to configure the application optimally for your unique business.

Is full implementation right for you?

You have a short timeline to move legacy data into the new system.
You need a professional procurement and dev team to teach stakeholders.
You have complex business processes and want to customise features.
You need to integrate with highly specific add-ons or API.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Implementation costs run from low to zero for self-guided, and will increase proportionally for custom and turn-key options. To find a more accurate cost estimate please get in touch with our sales and development team.

Is the software getting updates?

Yes! Current SCM is getting regular updates to its toolset and capabilities. We beleive in constantly improving our product to fit the needs of our clients. Wether that means universal quality of life improvements or custom build to fit unique client requirements.

How do I buy the software?

Current SCM is a software you have to see to belive. To get a closer look at the unique features and tools of our procurement software, get in touch with our team for a call or product demo.
Not sure which option
is right for you?
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