Current SCM Implementation

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

No Mandatory Requirements for Implementation

With Current SCM, there are no hidden fees, and no mandatory implementation requirements. The only thing you need to leverage the application is an active subscription license.

Turnkey Implementation Service Available

Guided onboarding inclusive of several planning sessions, data loading activities, and training sessions to deliver a turnkey
implementation of Current SCM to your users.

Offering a Variety of Professional Services

We offer a variety of Professional Services to support your implementation, including planning, data migration, integration, configuration, custom development, and training.

Customer-Focused Implementations

3 Different Approaches to Implementation Depending on the Needs of Your Business

Whether ready to completely overhaul your current systems or simply looking to take the first step in a tiered process, Current SCM offers unrivaled flexibility and minimal ramp-up time to have your team up-and-running in days rather than months. In terms of getting started, there are no mandatory implementation requirements. And there are three different approaches you can take to implement Current SCM: do-it-yourself, engage our Professional Services to provide the specific assistance you require, or engage our team to provide a turnkey implementation. In the self-guided do-it-yourself approach, we provide the necessary documentation to help you get started. In terms of Professional Services, choose from a variety of different services aimed at ensuring an optimal implementation, including implementation planning, configuration planning & support, catalog planning & support, workflow planning & support, data loading, data migration, integration, custom development, a QuickStart training option designed for rapid onboarding, customized training, and more. Finally, with turnkey implementations, we take care of everything.

Whatever approach you choose, we will work collaboratively to develop an onboarding plan built just for you.

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3 Different Approaches to Implementation

Self-Guided Implementation

A self-guided implementation at your own pace.

  • Leverage documentation and videos to configure your instance and learn about the software.
  • Access to support for questions and concerns.
  • No cost, get started immediately, perfect for Small Business.

Is Self-Guided Implementation right for you?

  • You have the time and tech savviness to set yourself up.
  • You have small amounts of data.
  • You have simple procurement processes.
  • You have experience setting up software for teams.
current scm image Self Guided

Assisted Implementation

Engage our Professional Services for specific implementation support.

  • Our consultants will work with you to understand your needs.
  • Unique training plan including only the courses you need.
  • Pay for only the services you require.

Is Assisted Implementation right for you?

  • You may require some support to ensure optimal configuration.
  • You may require some support to migrate your data.
  • You’re unsure how your processes best fit within Current SCM.
  • You may not require training for all Current SCM functionality.
current scm image Assisted

Turnkey Implementation

Full-spectrum implementation services.

  • The application will be configured optimally for your business.
  • Your data will be fully loaded.
  • Your team will be fully trained.
  • Expedited user adoption, maximization of system capabilities.

Is Turnkey Implementation right for you?

  • You have limited time, resources to implement new system.
  • You have significant legacy data.
  • You have complex processes and may need customization.
  • You would like Users to be fully trained by experts.
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Implementation Support Highlights

  • No Mandatory  Requirements for Implementation
  • Self-Guided Implementation Support
  • Turnkey Implementation Services
  • QuickStart Implementation Services
  • Implementation Planning Services
  • Configuration Planning & Support Services
  • Catalog Planning & Support Services
  • Workflow Planning & Support Services
  • Data Migration Planning & Support Services
  • Integration Planning & Support Services
  • Custom Development Services
  • Training Services
Interested in Current SCM?
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