Technical Procurement Software

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Guide/Control Purchases of Technical Items

Current SCM’s unrivaled flexibility extends to various configuration options to guide or control the purchase of technical items and to ensure the receipt of required vendor documentation.

Document Requirements and Submission Tracking

Create specific vendor document submission requirements to ensure you receive the supporting documentation you require for specific items. Track the status of all document submissions.

Order Item-Level Technical Metadata

All the technical information you require readily available at the line-level, including detailed metadata from the Catalog, required documents, tags, inspection levels, and more.

Purpose-Built for Technical Procurement

Manage the Procurement of Highly Technical Items Within a Fit for Purpose Solution

Technical procurement requires impeccable attention to detail, which is precisely what Current SCM provides. It starts with the ability to manage a centralized catalog of specific items for purchase, with each item including the detailed metadata required to ensure your Buyers can make the best purchase decisions on behalf of your organization. It includes the flexibility of a highly configurable platform affording you varying degrees of control depending on your unique needs. It extends to ensuring your suppliers are providing you with the appropriate required documents per specific item purchased. Current SCM provides a centralized platform where all your details surrounding technical purchases are readily available, and easily accessible at the line-level of your orders. Above all, Current SCM prioritizes security and compliance, safeguarding sensitive procurement information. It’s the ultimate solution crafted by experts, dedicated to revolutionizing and simplifying the intricate landscape of technical procurement.

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Technical Procurement Key Features

Guide the Purchasing of Technical Items with Centralized Catalog Management

When purchasing highly technical goods and services, it is in an organization’s best interest to put guidelines or controls in place. Current SCM’s highly flexible Catalog Management toolset provides several options to help guide or control your purchasing.

  • An example to help guide purchasing would be to create a structured catalog complete with well-defined descriptions, precise measurements & attributes, and detailed metadata to provide Buyers with the information they need to make the right purchase.
  • An example to help control purchasing would be to create a business rule to limit purchasing only to Catalog Items that have been approved for use.
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Guide the Purchasing of Technical Items with Vendor Document Requirements

When purchasing heavily regulated goods and services, ensuring you also receive proper documentation is just as important as ensuring you receive the actual materials.

  • Current SCM allows you to flag specific Catalog Items as requiring documentation and to create correlating vendor document requirements, including the document type, format, authentication requirements, and deadlines.
  • The system tracks vendor document submission deadlines and can provide status updates on a per order basis or it can show all outstanding vendor document submissions within a Project.
Vendor Document Requirements Management software: required documents | Current SCM

All the Technical Information You Require Readily Available at the Line-Level

In addition to pulling descriptions, SKUs, precise measurements & attributes, and detailed metadata from the Catalog as well as insisting on the attachment of required documentation for specific Catalog Items as flagged by you, the system provides the option for additional technical metadata to be available at the line-level of requisitions, bids, and orders, including Tags/Component Identifiers, inspection levels, Required By dates, and file attachments (e.g., Specs & Standard Drawings).
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Technical Procurement Highlights

  • Centralized, Cloud-Based Catalog
  • 'Requires Documentation' Catalog Items
  • BOM (Bill of Materials) Ingestion
  • Varying Degrees of Catalog Control to Suit Your Needs
  • Vendor Document Requirements
  • Cumulative BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • 3-Level Structure: Catalog -> Class -> Sub-Class
  • Vendor Document Submission Tracking
  • MTO (Material Take Off) Ingestion
  • Create Multiple Specialized Catalogs
  • Tags / Component Identifiers

  • Cumulative MTO (Material Take Off)
  • SKUs, Short Descriptions, & Purchase Descriptions
  • Specifications and Standard Drawings
  • Quality Surveillance Tools
  • Shipping Weight for Logistics Use
  • Engineering Design Data Import & Mapping
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
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