Material & Document Tracking Software

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement & Materials Management

Real-Time Line-Level Order Status Updates

The system was designed for live tracking. No more waiting for reports or stale information. Real-time Order status updates and real-time Order line-level status updates.

Milestone-Driven Expediting for Materials & Documents

Configure and track key milestone dates such as ‘Required at Site’ or ‘Promised By.’ The system will also notify the Expeditor when these milestones come due to ensure they aren’t overlooked.

Ensure the Right Material Ships to the Right Location

Current SCM enables allocation-based releases. By releasing materials based on allocations you are tying your inventory requirements to its end use location.

Material & Document Tracking Integrated into the Order

The Insights You Need to Ensure Your Materials Are On Schedule

With Materials Management and Vendor Document Requirements (VDR) uniquely integrated into the Order, Current SCM provides a seamless platform to both purchase and track your materials. Prioritize critical orders to ensure on-time delivery. Leverage real-time overall order status updates and real-time line-level order status updates to monitor delivery schedules, manage key milestones, and identify any material delays or material shortages. As needed, locate alternative materials from existing or planned inventory via our order item inline inventory listing feature which outlines current, allocated, available, and incoming inventory by project and by location.

Material & Document Tracking Software - Expediting Dashboard | Current SCM

Vendor Document Requirements and Submission Tracking

Create specific vendor document submission requirements to ensure you also receive the supporting documentation you require for each Order. For consistency, template the submission requirements of individual document types, including the format, authentication requirements, and deadlines. For efficiency, create document requirement template groups (e.g. pump purchases require these 9 specific documents to be submitted at these timelines). Track the status of all document submissions, including the status of all outstanding vendor document submissions.

Material & Document Tracking Key Features

Material Tracking

  • Track the overall status of your Orders with real-time order status updates.
  • Drill-down to track the status of specific line items within an Order with real-time line-level order status updates.
  • Compare status updates against your milestone dates to ensure your materials are on track to be where they need to be and when they need to be there.
Materials Management Software - Project Dashboard | Current SCM

Vendor Document Tracking

In the world of complex procurement, ensuring you also receive proper documentation is just as important as ensuring you receive the actual materials.

  • Current SCM allows you to create specific vendor document requirements, including the document type, format, authentication requirements, and deadlines.
  • The system tracks vendor document submission deadlines and can provide status updates on a per order basis or it can show all outstanding vendor document submissions within a Project.
Material & Document Tracking Software - Documents Expediting | Current SCM

Robust Expediting Data & Reports

  • Users love Current SCM’s data and reporting capabilities. This includes the data visualizations throughout the application, the amount of different data we can report on, and the flexibility Users have to create custom reports around the specific data that matters most to them.
  • Expeditors will not only appreciate the robust data associated with each Order, including line-level Order status updates, Order item inline inventory listing, and the document expediting dashboard, but they will also appreciate the various customizable reports such as the Order Summary Report, Order Item Details Report, Items in Transit Report, Order Allocations Health Report, Over and Short Report, Project Over Under Report, and more!
Material & Document Tracking Software - Expediting Dashboard | Current SCM

Document & Materials Expediting Highlights

  • Order Expediting
  • Real-Time Order Status Updates
  • Real-Time Line-Level Order Status Updates
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Order Summary Report
  • Order Item Details Report
  • Order Item Inline Inventory Listing
  • Inventory Tracking by Project
  • Inventory Tracking by Location
  • Items in Transit Report
  • Order Allocations Health Report
  • Bulk Modify Pending Allocations
  • Allocation-Based Releases
  • OS&D Support
  • Over and Short Report
  • Vendor Document Expediting
  • Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)
  • Vendor Document Submission Tracking
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