SCM Software for Communication and Collaboration

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Collaborative Multi-User Interface

Multiple users can collaborate on the same Requisition, Bid or Order at the same time. No more waiting for spreadsheets to be closed or wondering if you’re using the latest version.

Real-Time Data to Enable Informed Decisions

A single-source-of-truth that improves decision-making by enabling informed and efficient decisions to be made with the support of real-time data from a centralized platform.

Create and Share Custom Reports with Your Team

Use our intuitive Drag & Drop Report Designer to create custom reports to track the procurement KPIs that matter most to your business. Share your reports with your team.

Cloud-Based SCM Software for Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration Across Your Procurement & Materials Management Process

Current SCM allows for real-time communication and collaboration between supply chain management teams, project managers, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and stakeholders within an easily accessible cloud-based platform. 

Current SCM ensures synchronization with the latest information, creates alignment, and reduces the risk of miscommunication. It fosters effortless, real-time collaboration among local teams and geographically dispersed teams & stakeholders. 

Know the current and projected status of materials for a specific project at any time. Reach a new level of communication and collaboration with Current SCM.

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Key Features for Communication & Collaboration

A Unified Platform for Procurement & Materials Management

With Materials Management uniquely integrated into the Purchase Order, Current SCM provides a seamless platform for supply chain management teams to purchase and manage materials. A modern, accessible, and cloud-based solution handling the end-to-end process of purchasing and managing materials, Current SCM offers a variety of tools and reports to ensure stakeholders have the real-time information they need to make informed decisions.

Purchase Order Management software: BOM (Bill of Materials) catalog details | Current SCM

Collaborative Multi-User Interface

In addition to integrated toolsets for Buyers, Expeditors, Material Managers, Project Managers, Finance, and more, Current SCM provides several tools to drive collaboration within supply chain management stakeholders:

  • The ability to add Notes throughout the application
  • The ability to add searchable Files throughout the application (e.g., PDFs, emails, images)
  • The ability to assign Tasks throughout the application
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Requisition Collaboration
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Bid Collaboration
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Order Collaboration
  • Customizable & shareable reports

Users have raved that it is easy to handover packages to coworkers when everything is in one place!

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Seamless Integration with Other Systems

No more siloed data. Leverage Current SCM’s robust API to connect one or multiple systems. Maintain up-to-date purchasing information across key systems with seamless bi-directional synchronization of data.

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Highlights for Communication & Collaboration

  • Cloud-Based Supply Chain Management Software
  • Integrated Materials Management
  • Integrated Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)
  • Centralized Catalog
  • Cumulative Project BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Requisition Collaboration
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Bid Collaboration
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Order Collaboration
  • Line-Level Notes
  • Line-Level File Attachments
  • Line-Level Tasks
  • Real-Time Line-Level Status Updates
  • Centralized Supplier Relationship Management
  • Customizable, Transparent Supplier Evaluations
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Project-Specific Dashboards & Reports
  • Customizable & Shareable Reports
  • Bi-Directional Data Synchronization
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