Current SCM Integration

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Seamless Integration with Other Systems

Leverage our robust API to connect one or multiple systems. Maintain up to-date purchasing information across key systems with seamless bi-directional synchronization of data.

Reduce Inefficiency, Error & Risk Through Integration

No more manual exports/imports or error-prone re-keying of data. No more misinformed decisions based on stale or inaccurate information. Ensure data integrity and accuracy. Always.

Integration Support & Services Available

Whether leading the integration, providing our API documentation to support your self-guided integration, or somewhere in between, we are here to ensure your integration is a success.

Built for Integration

Software That Was Designed for Integration

Whether utilized independently, as the procurement tool in a flexible tech-stack of niche software solutions, or as the specialized procurement tool integrated into an ERP, Current SCM offers unparalleled flexibility to integrate into your business.

Current SCM’s robust API facilitates integration with several types of business systems, spanning both enterprise and non-enterprise solutions. Our API enables seamless system-to-system communication and a myriad of data synchronization possibilities. And while all data collected in Current SCM is technically immediately available for synchronization, you are in complete control over precisely which data is synchronized.

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Support to Help You Maximize Your Integration

And if this all sounds daunting, rest assured, our team is here to help. From integration consultation and planning to the actual integration process, we offer a variety of integration services to ensure an optimal integration of Current SCM into your business.

Current SCM Integration Key Features

Robust API

Current SCM was built with an API-driven architecture to ensure all features and functionality could be interacted with via third party applications and integration applications.

  • Every action that is available within Current SCM can be completed via the API.
  • Every data point available within Current SCM can be queried via the API.

Essentially, Current SCM’s robust API enables the software to push/pull every data point to/from any other software with similar capabilities. As your tech-stack evolves, Current SCM’s forward-thinking structure will enable it to evolve with you.

Engineering Procurement Software - Centralized Catalog Management | Current SCM

Bi-Directional ERP Integration

The most common point of integration for a procurement system is into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or accounting system. Seamlessly push purchasing data such as POs from Current SCM into your ERP, allowing you to complete your billing in your system of record.

Through API integrations and data mapping functionalities, Current SCM can also access, process, and analyze data extracted from ERP systems. This enables users to leverage the combined power of Current SCM’s procurement-centric functionality and analytics and the broader operational insights offered by ERPs.

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As specialized procurement tool integrated into an ERP

Bi-Directional Tech-Stack Integration

Current SCM provides the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with a variety of systems, ensuring data synchronization and smooth collaboration across your organization. This includes systems such as Project Management software, Document Management Systems (DMS), Estimating software, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), data warehouses, and more.

By integrating with your tech-stack, Current SCM minimizes data silos, enhances efficiency, and optimizes the use of information across different departments, empowering you to make more informed decisions based on unified and comprehensive data sets.

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As part of a flexible tech-stack of specialized software

Current SCM Integration Highlights

  • Robust API
  • Self-Guided Integration Support
  • Integration Services Available
  • ERP Integration
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Tech-Stack Integration
  • Integration Platform
  • Bi-Directional Data Synchronization
  • No Mandatory Integration Requirements
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