Bid Management Software

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Full Lifecycle Management of Invitation to Bid Processes

Centralized, transparent management of Bid development, review, approval, issuance, evaluation and award stages. Designed for complex procurement.

Bid Management Configured for Your Business

Unrivalled Bid customization, including permissions, workflows, business rules, milestones, bid numbering, vendor document requirements, bid packages, bid evaluations, and more!

Multi-Vendor Comparison Grid for Bid Evaluations

Apples-to-apples and side-by-side comparison grid outlining high-level information from multiple Bid responses, including pricing, lead times, IncoTerms, and payment terms.

Cloud-Based Bid Management

Bid Management Within a Unified Procurement & Materials Management Software

Current SCM provides complete workflow support to efficiently progress Bids through development, review, approval, issuance, evaluation, and award stages.

Current SCM centralizes everything your procurement team needs to develop and issue vendor-specific Bid packages. The system provides support for a variety of Bid types, including RFP (Request for Proposal), RFQ (Request for Quote), RFT (Request for Tender), RFO (Request for Offer), RFI (Request for Information), RFEI (Request for Expression of Interest), and RFBQ (Request for Budgetary Quotation).

Leverage our robust Bid evaluation tools to ensure informed procurement decisions. And once a Bid has been awarded, easily convert it into an Order.

Bid Management software: Bid Comparison Grid | Current SCM

Bids Not Required

Perhaps your organization does not require a Bid for every order? Unlike traditional ERPs that rigidly enforce a linear process of Requisition -> Bid -> Order, Current SCM allows you to begin the process at either the Requisition, Bid or Order stage.

Bid Management Key Features

Quick-Start Bid Development

Current SCM supports the efficient development of comprehensive Bid packages, including:

  • Converting a Requisition into a Bid
  • Grouping multiple Requisitions into a single Bid
  • The full and partial cloning of previous Bids
  • Building new Bids from previous or in-progress Requisitions or Orders
  • Building new Bids from design data or from scratch
Bid Management software: Create New Bid | Current SCM

Flexible Bid Numbering

  • Within Current SCM, Bids can be numbered manually or automatically assigned a number based on your preferred numbering methodology. Auto Assign allows Current SCM to handle the numbering assignment of future Bids, automatically assigning numbers for Bids based on your preferred methodology.

    Opt-in or opt-out of automatic numbering on a per Business basis (e.g., client, supplier)
Flexible Document Numbering for Bid Management & Purchase Order Management | Current SCM

Vendor Document Requirements

Current SCM streamlines the creation, standardization, and communication of vendor documents.

  • Vendor Document Requirements: Define specific vendor document requirements, including the document type, authentication requirements, submission format, and dynamic due date (e.g., document required ten days before shipment). Define vendor document requirements at the Bid or Bid item level.
  • Bid Document Export: Current SCM generates a complete Bid document export, including a description of included documents, paying organization branded Bid document, instructions, commercial terms, BOM (Bill of Materials), contractual terms, specs and standards, and vendor document requirements.
Vendor Document Requirements Management software: required documents | Current SCM

Vendor-Specific Bid Packages

  • Current SCM supports issuing vendor-specific Bid packages, including commercial terms, contractual terms, specifications & standard drawings, vendor document requirements, inspection requirements, and more! Current SCM also offers the ability to export and import vendor-specific Bid response Excel templates to streamline and standardize the Bid evaluation process.
Bid Management software: Bid Documents Package | Current SCM

Bid Evaluation & Analysis

Current SCM ensures a clear path to the most competitive Offer:

  • Customizable Bid evaluation templates
  • Automatic Bid spreads
  • Bid Comparison Grid with Offer normalization to ensure apple-to-apple comparison
  • Compare Offers side-by-side (e.g., pricing, lead times, IncoTerms, payment terms)
  • Compare Offers on a price per unit basis (e.g., if a transformer’s capacity is measured in kVA, the application can report the cost in terms of kVA)
  • Compare Offers to historical Offers within a defined period (e.g., average Offer price)
  • Compare Offers to historical Orders within a defined period (e.g., last price paid)
Bid Management software: Bid Comparison Grid | Current SCM

Convert Offers to Orders

Current SCM offers streamlined support for awarding Bids, including:

  • Flagging recommended Bid Awards on a per line basis
  • Support for Split Awards to award a Bid to one or more bidders
  • Easily convert Offers into Purchase Orders
Bid Management software: Create Bid from Offer | Current SCM

Bid Management Highlights

  • Cloud-Based Bid Management
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Simultaneous Multi-User Bid Collaboration
  • Bids Not Mandatory -> Bypass Bids or Start at Order
  • Bid Customization & Configurability
  • Bid Milestone Dates
  • Create Bids from Scratch
  • Create Bids from Requisitions, Bids or Orders
  • Bid Development
  • Bid Issuance
  • Vendor Bid Templates (Export/Import)
  • Multiple Offers Per Vendor
  • Bid Evaluation & Analysis
  • Customizable Bid Evaluation Templates
  • Offer Comparison Grid
  • Bid Award
  • Split Awards
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Request for Tender (RFT)
  • Request for Offer (RFO)
  • Request for Information (RFI)
  • Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI)
  • Request for Budgetary Quotation (RFBQ)
  • Line-Level Specifications and Standard Drawings
  • Line-Level Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)
  • Line-Level Inspection Requirements
  • Line-Level ‘Required By’ Dates
  • Line-Level Tags / Component Identifiers
  • Line-Level Notes
  • Line-Level File Attachments
  • Line-Level Tasks
  • Flexible Bid Numbering
  • Configurable Bid Approval Workflows
  • Group Approvals
  • Configurable Contract Templates
  • Real-Time Bid Tracking
  • Line-Level Bid Status Updates
  • Bid Revision History & Audit Trail Logs
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