SCM Software for Project Visibility

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Organize & Segregate Procurement Data by "Project"

The term Project can be customized to reflect however you organize your procurement, such as by project, program, product, client, division, business unit, region, location, and more!

Project-Specific Dashboards & Reports

Maintain control by ensuring visibility into each of your unique projects via real-time project-specific analytics, reports, and
dashboards courtesy of our robust reporting engine.

Detailed Audit Logs for User Access and Activity

Ensure transparency with in-depth audit trail logs for account access, data viewing, and data edits. All data edits are auditable, including previous and new state. Support can restore data if needed.

Cloud-Based SCM Software for Project Visibility

Real-Time Project Visibility from Inception to Completion

Ensure real-time visibility into each of your procurement projects within an accessible cloud-based platform acting as the single source of truth for your entire procurement and materials management process.

Current SCM makes it easy to organize and visualize your project-specific procurement & materials management data. Offering a wealth of real-time project-centric analytics, Current SCM ensures spend transparency and project visibility at any point. Whether looking for a high-level update or a detailed breakdown of procurement activities, Current SCM’s robust reporting engine allows users to develop a library of highly customized procurement reports to meet specific needs.

Project-Based Supply Chain Management Software - Project Dashboards & Reports | Current SCM

Key Features for Project Visibility

Project Access & Visibility Control

Project visibility isn’t a given in Current SCM. Users must be added to Teams. Team members must then be added to specific Projects to access information related to those Projects. Each Team member can be added to multiple Projects and can be assigned different roles and permissions per Project.

Project Procurement Software - Customizable Project Teams & Roles | Current SCM

Unrivalled Project-Centric Customization & Control

Every project is unique. To accommodate the unique requirements of each project, Current SCM offers unrivaled Project-specific customizations, such as project-specific business rules, workflows, milestone dates, locations (e.g., bill to, destination, store at, fabricate at), chain of orderables, orderable dates (e.g., bids due, offer expiry, documents due), identifiers, cost structures, payment terms, contract templates, approved vendors, IncoTerms, and much, much more!

project execution screenshot

Real-Time Project-Specific Reports

Current SCM offers a wide array of customizable, real-time project-specific reports, including:

  • Project Completion Report
  • Project Dates Report
  • Project Budget Report
  • Project Cost by Code Report
  • Project Cost by Diversity Type
  • Project Financial Summary Report
  • Project Inventory Valuation Report
  • Project Invoice Aging Report
  • Project Cumulative BOM
  • Project Over Under
  • Project Document Requirements Report
  • Project Outstanding Document Submissions
  • Project Group Approval Summary Report
  • Project Stale Transactions Report
  • Project Tasks Report
Project-Based Supply Chain Management Software - Project Dashboards & Reports | Current SCM

Highlights for Project Visibility

  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Segregated Project Access
  • Project-Specific Roles & Permissions
  • Project-Specific Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Project-Specific Payment Terms
  • Project-Specific Contract Templates
  • Project-Specific Specs & Standard Drawings
  • Project-Specific Document Numbering Rules
  • Project-Specific Milestone Dates
  • Project-Specific Business Rules
  • Project-Specific Workflows
  • Cumulative Project BOM
  • Project-Specific Approved Vendors
  • Project-Specific Bid Evaluations
  • Project-Specific Vendor Evaluations
  • Project-Specific Locations
  • Project-Specific IncoTerms
  • Project-Specific Release Order Terms
  • Project-Specific Service Release Terms
  • Project-Specific Receiving Report Terms
  • Project-Specific Inventory
  • Real-Time Project-Specific Reports
  • Project-Specific Financials
  • Project Budget Tracking
  • Project Access Logs
  • Project Audit Trail Logs
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