Why Current SCM Software?

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

First, Consider the Complexity of Your Procurement

Virtually every business engages in purchasing, but there are varying degrees of complexity when it comes to procurement.
Office Supplies

Procurement Complexity Spectrum

On one end of the spectrum, there are typical operational buys – like restocking office supplies from a regular supplier (indirect procurement). This might include pens, paper, or even a new office chair. Perhaps the business visits the supplier in-person or perhaps they make the purchase online and enjoy the convenience of same-day delivery. 

It’s a simple task typically involving a single person that had been managed effectively by spreadsheets for decades, and now lends itself well to being managed by an organization’s off-the-shelf Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or by one of the many Procure-to-Pay software solutions on the market.

A routine task suited for generic tools.

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Complexity of Your ProcurementPointerComplexity of Your ProcurementPointer

When Generic Tools Are Not Enough

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are purchases of highly technical goods or services, often directly linked to manufacturing (direct procurement) or to complex construction projects. These goods or services are typically sourced globally, purchased at scale, bound to strict schedules, and often subject to rigorous regulatory scrutiny.

It’s a complex process involving collaboration among a group of professionals with different specializations, such as Buyers, Project Managers, and Engineers. And often, the organization leading the procurement is acting as an agent on behalf of another organization that is responsible for invoice payment.

A complex process that demands specialized tools.

Current SCM Software for Complex Projects

Specialized SCM Software Purpose-Built by Leading EPCM Firm

Vista Projects

Vista Projects is an integrated industrial Engineering and system integration firm with offices in Calgary, Houston, and Oman. Vista has been a trusted partner to clients since 1985, working to efficiently solve their most complex challenges while contributing to some of the most successful projects in markets across North America.

Vista has completed over 1,400 projects with TIC (Total Installation Cost) exceeding $30B.

SCM Software Born Out of Necessity

A nationally recognized best-managed company, Vista Projects is a frontrunner in digitizing its operations to deliver even greater value to their clients. Identifying a critical need for improved supply chain management software, Vista enlisted the expertise of a leading software consulting firm and embarked on an 18-month search. The exhaustive search confirmed the gap in the market for project-centric supply chain management software, prompting Vista to take the bold step of developing their own solution.

A Specialized Solution for Complex Procurement

Current SCM was purpose-built to support complex procurement & materials management. If you are engaged in any of Direct Procurement, Technical Procurement, Project Procurement or Third Party Procurement, we will improve your procurement & materials management workflow. If you are engaged in all four, we will revolutionize the way you do business.

Unified SCM Software with Robust Toolsets

A Single Source of Truth for Supply Chain Management

With Materials Management and Vendor Document Requirements (VDR) uniquely integrated into the Order, Current SCM provides a unified solution to manage your supply chain. Operating on a cloud-based platform with robust data segregation capabilities, Current SCM ensures centralized and secure access for all supply chain management stakeholders. Moreover, Current SCM facilitates on-demand access to real-time team-specific and project-specific reports, establishing itself as a true single source of truth for your entire procurement & materials management workflow.

Robust Toolsets Designed by Procurement Professionals

Current SCM empowers procurement teams by providing a powerful set of tools encompassing the entire procurement & materials management workflow:

Unrivaled Flexibility & Control

Configure Current SCM for Your Business

Starting with a procurement-first mindset, Current SCM was designed to optimize procurement & materials management by providing unmatched flexibility and control at both the Team and Project levels. You have the flexibility to customize:

  • Terminology
  • Team Roles, Project Roles
  • Permissions
  • Milestone
  • Cost Structures
  • Grouping
  • Component Identifiers
  • Catalog Structure
  • Documentation Setup
  • Business Rules
  • Transaction Settings
    • Order Revision Triggers
    • Allowed Invoice Tolerance
  • Purchase Terms
    • Currency
    • Default Tax
    • Payment Terms
  • IncoTerms
  • Contract Terms
  • Vendor Document Requirements
  • Release Terms
    • Release Order Terms
    • Receiving Report Terms
    • Service Release Terms
  • Bid Evaluation fields
  • Offer Evaluation fields
  • Vendor Evaluation fields
  • Task Types
  • Vendor Diversity Types
  • ...and more!

Optimize Your Workflow

Expedite approvals by utilizing Group Approvals. Reduce approval bottlenecks by automating approvals within predefined thresholds. Eliminate approval bottlenecks by automating approvals.

You have the flexibility to customize workflows for:

  • Requsitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Catalog Items
  • Bid
  • Service Orders
  • Projects
  • Offers
  • Sales Orders
  • ...and more!

With Current SCM, you are in complete control.

Built for Integration

Robust API

Current SCM was built with a modern, API-driven architecture to enable seamless integration with third-party services and applications. Whether utilized independently, as the procurement tool in a flexible tech-stack of specialized software solutions, or as the specialized procurement tool integrated into an ERP, Current SCM offers unparalleled flexibility to integrate into your business.

Current SCM software tech-stack integration example
As part of a flexible tech-stack of specialized software
Current SCM software ERP integration example
As specialized procurement tool integrated into an ERP

Turnkey Implementation Support Available

A Team of Experts to Support You

While there are no mandatory implementation requirements with the Current SCM application, we offer a variety of professional services to ensure a smooth transition into your business processes. These include implementation planning, configuration planning & support, catalog planning & support, workflow planning & support, data loading, data migration, integration, custom development, training, and more. We even offer complete turnkey implementation support if needed. We are here to support you.

Current SCM software turnkey implementation support

Ease of Use


Users love our modern, clean, and intuitive interface. Throughout the application, there are inline help buttons offering relevant contextual support. There is also a ‘Get Help’ section featuring videos and robust documentation offering insight into and guidance on concepts, interfaces, and system processes.

Designed for Scale

Whether onboarding new team members or launching new projects, Current SCM was designed to support scale. New users will appreciate our intuitive design and in-application support. New projects will benefit from our many tools designed specifically to enable you to quickly ramp-up or ramp-down projects.

Hear from some of our actual users
“I like CurrentSCM, I can generate reports one click away! You can save emails and invoices and plus the flexibility that you can customize the reports, save the template and everything is real-time. It’s easier to track deliverables and all can use the system at the same time. It is a very useful tool that makes me more productive.”
Mary DY
Hear from some of our actual users
"One of the best Procurement systems I have used and very user friendly. Creating an RFQ to issuing PO's is so easy, same with creating a report. Reports can be customized based on your required info. One of the best stages I like in this system was creating bid evaluations, once you start using the evaluation tool you will not go back to using excel again 😊"
Joy Dumapit
Senior Buyer
Hear from some of our actual users
"I started CurrentSCM a year ago. The system is very user- friendly and intuitive. The workflow from Requisition to Bids to Purchase Orders and even Expediting has been very smooth. The approval process to proceed to different ‘States’ of each package allows for multiple checks and balances."
Kleina McMullen
Buyer/ Senior Expeditor
Hear from some of our actual users
"CurrentSCM has allowed me to plan and execute projects in an effective and efficient manner. It has provided me a comprehensive, customizable platform for all types of Supply Chains. As a result, the system has been working for me rather than me having to work for the system. It also includes historical data that has assisted in negotiations with vendors."
Mike Klamer
Supply Chain Manager

SCM Software That Provides a Clear ROI

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Increase in
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