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Third Party Procurement Made Easy

Managing engineering procurement scope, or acting as an Agent, can be an uphill battle in most purchasing systems. Current SCM removes this headache... out of the box
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Multiple Buying Organizations

Current supports multiple buying organizations out of the box. If your team purchases (or act as agent) on behalf of many companies, this is a game changer.

Each organization can have its own business rules, workflows, segregated teams all within a single instance.

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Multiple Cost Structures (General Ledger)

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Segregate different cost codes on multiple projects
Use client-specific costs codes and projects
Track everything separately
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Multiple Contract Templates

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Change what the client wants for different commodities
Customize template style and layout
Use different terms and language
Add separate attachments

Segregated Access by Buying Organization

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Accommodate multiple governance structures
Segregate access by buying organization
Setup different workflows

Third Party Procurement

Current gives you the power to do more for all your clients, from a single application. When your team buys on behalf of multiple organizations, you need the flexibility to securely work around different cost structures and contract requirements. You can do it all and more with Current SCM.

Capability P2P ERP Current SCM
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I prefer this software over everything else I’ve used. It’s easy to use.
– Senior Buyer with 30 years of procurement experience
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