Third Party Procurement Software

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement & Materials Management

Manage Multiple Clients Within a Single System

Streamline third party procurement within a platform with segregated access for multiple buying/paying organizations. Each client’s data is completely segregated from the rest of the system.

Limitless Client-Specific Customizations

From cost structures to contract templates to business rules to catalogs to choosing who owns the orders, you can set up each client with their own unique customizations.

Choose Which Party 'Owns' the Order

At the point of issuance, choose between issuing purchase and service orders with your organization’s information and logo or with your client’s information and logo.

Purpose-Built for Third Party Procurement

Manage Procurement for Multiple Clients Within a Single System

Third party procurement requires flexibility, which is precisely what Current SCM provides. It starts with the flexibility to manage procurement for multiple clients within a single system, each client with their own exclusive access and data segregation. It includes workflow support to progress orders through client approval stages. And it includes the flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each client’s business.

Third Party Procurement Software - Project-Based | Current SCM

Unrivaled Client-Centric Flexibility

Current SCM excels in accommodating diverse client needs with a myriad of client-centric customization options, including client-specific cost structures, currencies, tax structures, payment terms, IncoTerms, contract templates, document numbering rules, catalogs, approved vendors, vendor diversity classifications, business rules, workflows, vendor evaluations, service release terms, reports, and much more. Moreover, when issuing orders, Current SCM provides the flexibility to select between using your organization’s branding & information or your client’s branding & information on purchase orders and service orders.

Third Party Procurement Key Features

Manage Multiple Buying/Paying Organizations

If your organization purchases or acts as an agent on behalf of other organizations, this is a game changer. Current SCM was designed to include multiple paying organizations.

  • Each organization can have its own segregated team, cost structure, payment terms, contract templates, document numbering rules, business rules, workflows, catalog(s), approved vendors, inventory, reports and more, all within a single instance.
  • New paying organizations can be set up in the system in minutes.
Third Party Procurement Software - Multiple Paying Organizations | Current SCM

Choose How You Structure Your Clients

Current SCM can be configured in a variety of different ways to meet different business needs. From a third party procurement perspective, there are two ways you can structure your clients within the platform – at the team-level or project-level.

  • An EPCM working on multiple unique projects with each client might choose to structure at the team-level to group projects by/under each client, allowing them to review the client holistically or drill-down into each project.
  • A manufacturer fabricating similar products for numerous clients might choose to structure their clients at the project-level, allowing the benefit of key shared information (e.g., Catalog, Vendors) but with protected segregation of client-specific info (e.g., Orders, Reports).
Third Party Procurement Software - Project-Based | Current SCM

Multiple Owner Purchase Order Management

  • Within a project in Current SCM you can have multiple owners of purchase orders.
  • Purchase orders can be issued with your clients’ information and logo, or you can toggle and issue with your organization’s information and logo.
  • If there is more than one paying organization, purchase orders can be issued from the joint venture to split the cost.
Third Party Procurement Software - Purchase Order Management | Current SCM

Third Party Procurement Highlights

  • Allows for Multiple Paying Organizations
  • Segregated Client Access
  • Segregated Client Teams
  • Segregated Client Financials
  • Client-Specific Cost Structures
  • Client-Specific Currency
  • Client-Specific Tax Structures
  • Client-Specific Payment Terms
  • Client-Specific IncoTerms
  • Client-Specific Contract Templates
  • Client-Specific Specs & Standard Drawings
  • Client-Specific Document Numbering Rules
  • Client-Specific Business Rules
  • Client-Specific Workflows
  • Client-Specific Catalog
  • Client-Specific Approved Vendors
  • Client-Specific Vendor Diversity Types
  • Client-Specific Vendor Evaluations
  • Client-Specific Locations
  • Client-Specific Release Order Terms
  • Client-Specific Receiving Report Terms
  • Client-Specific Service Release Terms
  • Client-Specific Inventory
  • Client-Specific Reports
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