Procurement Roundup: Top 3 articles

Procurement is a fast paced and rapidly changing field. Keeping up to date with best practices and new methodologies can provide huge insights into improving your business. Check out some of the latest articles and thought leadership in the procurement and supply chain space!

1.  Sustainable Sourcing and the Urgent Need for a Resilient Supply Chain

Gabriela Marinuic of Capgemini discusses the impacts of climate change on the integrity of supply chains.

Procurement Sustainability

“Today, most businesses have only a dim view beyond their tier-one and perhaps some large tier-two suppliers. Reviewing each product’s bill of materials can reveal the value chain resiliency of critical inputs and ready substitutes.”

-Gabriela Marinuic

2.  GEP: Procurement Priorities and Supply Chain 'Miles Apart'

Sean Ashcroft with Procurement Magazine breaks down the recent GEP outlook for 2023 and the concerning lack of learning from the recent supply chain turmoil.

Procurement priorities

“years of disruption and uncertainty has caused a divergence in priorities between procurement (cost control) & supply chain (delivery). mid-level management are still 'hyper-focused on traditional measurements in the current disruptive environment'.”

-Sean Ashcroft

3. Why Investing in Procurement Makes Organizations More Resilient

Rafael Ramírez, Ciaran McGinley, and Steve Churchhouse of the Harvard Business Review give an introspective on the real world methods of switching from just-in-time to "just-in-case".

Procurement and supply chain resilience

“What we are witnessing is an accelerated movement toward the 'stakeholder economy.' This is a shift in which firms are accountable not just to shareholders but also to employees and customers, suppliers and distributors, investors, and society at large. The Covid-19 pandemic has made clear something that we’ve known for a while: Efficiency alone does not make for good strategy. ” 

-Rafael Ramírez, Ciaran McGinley, Steve Churchhouse

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