From Drone Delivery to EU Law: Supply Chain Headlines from Around the World

Corey Jackson
Last updated
April 5, 2024
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Around the Web – February 22, 2024

With Around the Web, we share 5 of our favorite new supply chain-related posts from, well… around the web. Each roundup offers a diverse selection of expert opinions and industry insights. Enjoy!

Supply Chain Predictions for 2024

Sustainability takes a backseat, conflict in Red Sea disrupts trade, and climate change throws curveballs. Can AI & right-shoring save the day? [All Things Supply Chain]

Google’s Wing Introduces New Delivery Drone with Double the Payload

Read how Wing – the drone delivery arm of Google parent Alphabet – is ready to scale up with a new design eyeing even bigger skies. [Flying]

Red Sea Crisis: TVS Supply Chain Solutions Says Ongoing Uncertainty Will Keep Freight Prices Up

TVS Supply Chain Solutions executive chairman expects freight costs to continue going up for some time and it is difficult to predict for how many quarters it will last. [CNBC]

Navigating the Maze: A Guide to the EU Supply Chain Law

EU’s bold law holds companies accountable for Global impact, including mandatory human rights & environmental checks across supply chains. [Freight Waves]

Supply Chain Optimization ‘Stymied by Data Silos’

A major new report into how technology is revolutionising supply chains shows almost half of industry leaders are failing to optimise mission-critical processes. [Supply Chain Digital]

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