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Are Inefficient Processes Limiting Your Project-Based Procurement Business?

Power your projects with an all-in-one procurement and materials management solution designed to eliminate inefficiency in any vertical.
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Every Industry Benefits from Better Data

On-demand access to accurate project information is a good thing, in every industry. Current is a highly flexible, cloud-based procurement solution for your project business.
Quickly make more informed decisions about procurement projects.
Manage projects from a secure central hub.
Limit costly errors and scale with ease.
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Construction & Engineering

The procurement process for industrial construction and engineering projects is complex. Your entire team needs to be on the same page. Current provides your procurement team with real-time insight and centralized access to all your project information.
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Energy & Utilities

Current is a complete procurement solution for energy & utility companies. From managing your procurement project portfolio to communicating with contractors and clients, Current covers your business end-to-end.
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ETO & Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers know the importance of project efficiency. Schedule & material management can compound quickly on a project. Current enables you to easily integrate financial and operational solutions that drive project excellence for ETOs & contract manufacturers. Focus on what really matters – growing your business!
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Free your procurement projects from process bottlenecks and scale your operations with Current SCM
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