Vendor Document Requirements Management

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Centralized Vendor Document Management

From specifications and standard drawings to contracts to specific vendor document requirements, with Current SCM you can find the right documents, in the right place, at the right time. Every time.

Efficient Vendor Document Requirements Management

Create, communicate, and track Vendor Document Requirements (VDR) per client or per project, including the document type, format, authentication requirements, and deadlines.

Real-Time Line-Level Order Status Updates

No more waiting for reports or stale information. Real-time Order status updates and real-time line-level Order status updates to support milestone-driven document expediting.

Cloud-Based Vendor Document Requirements (VDR)

Vendor Document Requirements Integrated into the Order

In the world of Technical Procurement, ensuring you also receive proper documentation is just as important as ensuring you receive the actual goods or services. With Vendor Document Requirements uniquely integrated into the Order, Current SCM streamlines the process of planning and executing the purchase of technical goods and services.

With Current SCM, you can define specific vendor document requirements for your organization, for each client, or for each project. Create and communicate your vendor document requirements, including the document type, format, authentication requirements, and deadlines. Track vendor document submissions at the Order and Order line-level. Leverage milestone-driven document expediting to ensure you receive the vendor documents that you require.

Vendor Document Requirements Management software: documents setup | Current SCM

The Right Documents in the Right Place at the Right Time

Current SCM’s highly customizable document management tools & processes let you develop documentation and attach it to your procurement actions however and whenever you want. Create and share client-specific contracts or project-specific specifications and standard drawings. Attach documents to clients, suppliers, contacts, projects, assets, users, tasks, and more. Require specific documents to be attached to purchase requisitions, purchase requisition items, bids, bid items, purchase orders, purchase order items, service orders, service order items, sales orders, or sales order items.

With Current SCM, you can ensure you have the right documents in the right place at the right time. Every time.

Vendor Document Requirements Key Features

Specifications & Standard Drawings Management

  • Define and centralize specifications & standard drawings templates for your organization.
  • Define and centralize the specifications & standard drawings for a specific client or project.
  • Attach specifications & standard drawings to a requisition, requisition item, bid, bid item, order, and order item to track the requirements being placed upon a vendor.
  • Ideal for technical procurement.
Vendor Document Requirements Management software: project specifications and standard drawings | Current SCM

Define Vendor Document Requirements

  • Define specific vendor document requirements, including the document type, authentication requirements, submission format, and dynamic due date (e.g., document is required ten days before shipment).
  • Define the document requirements at the order level or at the individual line level.
  • Template groups of document requirements (e.g., Pump purchases require these 9 documents to be submitted at these timelines).
Vendor Document Requirements Management Software - Required Documents | Current SCM

Communicate Vendor Document Requirements

Current SCM generates document requirement matrices for vendors:

  • Requisitions: the application generates a requisition export, including a description of included documents, requisition document, BOM (Bill of Materials), specifications & standard drawings, and document requirements.
  • Bids: the application generates a bid export to support issuing bid packages, including a description of included documents, paying organization branded bid document, instructions, commercial terms, BOM (Bill of Materials), contractual terms, specifications & standard drawings, and document requirements.
  • Orders: the application generates a complete order export, including paying organization branded order, commercial terms, BOM (Bill of Materials), contractual terms, specifications & standard drawings, document requirements, and additional attachments as required.
Bid Management software: Bid Documents Package | Current SCM

Vendor Document Expediting

  • In-application tracking of vendor document submissions vs requirements.
  • The system can report the status of all outstanding vendor document submissions.
  • Document expediting dashboard allows project managers and document controls to understand the status of each document requirement.
  • Document expediting dashboard shows the status of document submissions on a per project or per order basis.
Material & Document Tracking Software - Expediting Dashboard | Current SCM

Vendor Document Requirements Highlights

  • Centralized Vendor Document Management
  • Standardized Vendor Document Management
  • Integrated Vendor Document Requirements
  • Specifications and Standard Drawings
  • Client-Specific Specs and Standard Drawings
  • Project-Specific Specs and Standard Drawings
  • Technical Notes
  • Quality Control Documents
  • Regulatory Documents
  • BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Datasheets
  • Contract Templates
  • Document Templates
  • Custom Documents
  • Flexible Document Controls
  • Order Level Document Requirements
  • Line-Level Document Requirements
  • Automated Document Requirements Drafting
  • Vendor Document Submission Tracking
  • Vendor Document Expediting
  • Vendor Document Expediting Dashboard
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