Project Procurement Management Software

Purpose-Built for Complex Procurement & Materials Management

Organize & Segregate Data By ‘Project’

The term ‘Project’ can be customized to reflect however you organize your procurement, such as by Program, Product, Client, Division, Business Unit, Region, Location/Plant, and more!

Manage Multiple Projects Within a Single System

Manage multiple procurement projects for one or many clients within a single system. Utilize ‘like’ information at the Team level, such as Catalogs, Vendors, Templates, and more!

Project Visibility from Inception to Completion

Ensure real-time project visibility into each of your procurement projects within a cloud-based platform acting as the single source of truth for your entire procurement and materials management process.

Purpose-Built for Project Procurement Management

Project Procurement Management for Multiple Projects Simultaneously and Within a Single System

Project procurement management requires flexibility, which is precisely what Current SCM provides. It starts with the flexibility to manage multiple procurement projects for one or many clients within a single system, with controlled access and data segregation for each project. It includes workflow support to progress orders through project-specific approval stages. And it includes the flexibility to adapt to the unique requirements of each project.

Project Dashboard | Current SCM supply chain management software screenshot

Unrivaled Project-Centric Flexibility

Current SCM excels in accommodating diverse project requirements with a myriad of project-centric customization options, including project-specific cost structures, tax structures, currencies, payment terms, contract templates, document numbering rules, approved vendors, vendor diversity classifications, business rules, workflows, release order terms, service release terms, reports, and much more!

Current SCM provides a flexible, fit-for-purpose solution to ensure your projects are on time and on budget. 

Project Procurement Management Key Features

Limitless ‘Project’-Specific Customizations

In addition to the flexibility to organize your procurement by Project, Program, Product, Division/Business Unit, Region/Market, Location/Plant, Client, and more, Current SCM takes flexibility to the next level offering unrivaled ‘Project’-specific customizations, such as project-specific business rules, workflows, milestone dates, locations (e.g., bill to, destination, store at, fabricate at), chain of orderables, orderable dates (e.g., bids due, offer expiry, documents due), identifiers, cost structures, payment terms, contract templates, approved vendors, IncoTerms, and much, much more!
Project Procurement Management software: Project Setup | Current SCM

Project-Specific Access and Permissions

Users must be added to Teams.

  • Team members must be added to specific Projects to access information related to those Projects.
  • Each Team member can be added to multiple Projects and can be assigned different roles and permissions per Project.

There are twelve default roles at the Project level.

  • Team members can be assigned one or multiple roles per Project (e.g., Project Manager, Buyer, Expeditor).
  • Each Team member can also be assigned one or multiple custom permissions per Project (Current SCM offers approximately 220 custom permissions to choose from for Project level roles).
Access: Edit Team Member Project Role | Current SCM

Start Planning Even with Only Preliminary Project Information

Still waiting on missing information before initiating your procurement planning? Not anymore. With Current SCM you can easily scaffold procurement plans with only preliminary information.

  • Quickly draft the chain of orderables for a purchase.
  • Standardize the Project Team.
  • Set up the default cost codes, sourcing strategy, bid type, order type, and fulfillment strategy.
  • Standardize or customize identifiers, titles, and descriptions.
  • Add or edit information as you go.

Once scaffolded, dates can be attributed to form your project plan.

Project Procurement Management software: Project Scaffold | Current SCM

Project BOM (Bill of Materials) Import & Mapping

  • The project BOM, while not required, can create a vital point of control. By defining the complete purchase requirements for the project (which can be modified over the lifecycle of the project), the supply chain team can easily track shortages or overages and proactively address deviations.
  • Current SCM offers tools to support BOM data imports from various sources, such as AVEVA, AutoCAD, and Bentley.
    • BOM import sources are used to segregate data from the various sources for the purposes of forming persisted mapping relationships.
    • BOM data can then be used to populate requisitions, bids, and orders.
Project Procurement Management software: Project BOM (Bill of Materials) | Current SCM

Cross Project Inventory Visibility and Transfers

Current SCM allows the ability to see and share inventory across all projects under the same Team. This flexibility offers several benefits.

  • For specific projects with multiple Buyers, Buyers can ensure they are utilizing existing available inventory.
  • For Teams purchasing the same items across multiple projects, Buyers have the necessary insights to maximize buying power.
  • For organizations with a preference for centralized warehousing, goods can be purchased in bulk and allocated to specific Projects as required.
  • In instances of changing supply requirements or priorities, materials can be transferred between projects as required.
09 Screenshot Inventory Transfer

Project Procurement Management Highlights

  • Segregated Project Access
  • Project-Specific Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Project-Specific Contract Templates
  • Supports Multiple Paying Organizations
  • Project-Specific General Ledger (GL)
  • Project-Specific Specs & Standard Drawings
  • Multi-Project User Management
  • Project-Specific Currency
  • Project-Specific Document Numbering Rules
  • Project-Specific Roles & Permissions
  • Multiple-Currencies Within a Single Project
  • Project-Specific Milestone Dates
  • Project-Specific Cost Structures
  • Project-Specific Payment Terms
  • Project-Specific Business Rules
  • Project-Specific Tax Structures
  • Project-Specific Financials
  • Project-Specific Workflows
  • Project Budget Management
  • Project Budget Tracking
  • Project Scaffold
  • Project BOM
  • Cumulative Project BOM
  • Project-Specific Approved Vendors
  • Project-Specific Vendor Diversity Types
  • Project-Specific Bid Evaluations
  • Project-Specific Vendor Evaluations
  • Project-Specific Locations
  • Project-Specific IncoTerms
  • Project-Specific Release Order Terms
  • Project-Specific Service Release Terms
  • Project-Specific Receiving Report Terms
  • Project-Specific Inventory
  • Cross-Project Inventory Transfers
  • Project-Specific Reports
  • Project Visibility
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