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Centralized Control Over All of Your Procurement Activities

Stay current with every detail of your procurement workflow, including requisition management, sourcing, bid management, and purchase order management.
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Requisition Management

Say goodbye to system limitations. Build out complex material requisitions or service requisitions from design data or from scratch.

Current supports flexible fulfillment strategies, with full support for complex requisitions including vendor document requirements, specs and standards, and inspection requirements.

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Bid Evaluation & Analysis

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Compare bid responses side by side and against historical pricing
Ensure apple-to-apple bid comparison
Automatic analysis helpers

Our tools ensure your team can execute full diligence in a fraction of the time to ensure you do not overpay, and free up your resources for more value creating activities

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Purchase Order Management

Current supports Purchase Orders, Service Orders and Contract Releases. Instantly convert bid awards to Purchase Orders, your team can streamline your internal processes.


Once the Purchase Order is prepared, plan the movement of materials, track document submissions, plan and execute change orders, and attest vendor invoicing.

Scaffold Orders with only partial information
Convert Bid Awards to Orders instantly
Full Change Management with automatic revision comparisons.
Integrated Material Management, Receiving and Invoice Processing
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Expediting - Materials and Documents

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Plan material allocations with real-time ties into your projected inventory.
Track vendor document submissions vs requirements
Status POs and even specific lines
Expediting Dashboards automate common activities
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Workflow Flexibility

Designed with a procurement-centric mindset our workflows defer business rules until the last moment to ensure the system doesn't derail your execution.

Define workflows on a per-project basis, you can ensure your workflow makes sense for the work you are doing. 

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Control your Complete Procurement Workflow

Your project-based business needs a platform to accommodate every supply chain scenario. And that’s exactly what Current was built for. It’s a unified cloud system to manage all your clients and projects with ease.

Control every step of your complete procurement workflow from one central location. Current is a single source of truth for all your documentation and communications with teams and vendors.

Capability P2P ERP Current SCM
Requisitions check check check
Bid Development Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
Bid Evaluation & Analysis Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
PO Development & Issuance Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
Expediting & Material Control Limitedinfo icon Variesinfo icon check
Project Specific Workflows cross icon cross icon check
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I prefer this software over everything else I’ve used. It’s easy to use.
– Senior Buyer with 30 years of procurement experience
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