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Imagine your ultimate wishlist for the best, most flexible procurement & materials management software.

Ready? You got everything you ever wished a project-based procurement system could do? Ok, cool...
Let’s Build It
procurement team lead
procurement team lead
procurement team lead
procurement team lead

Now imagine giving your wishlist to your own development team.

People you get to work beside daily. Colleagues who don’t mind you correcting them when a feature doesn’t exactly meet your needs as a project-based procurement pro.
Alright, next step… you need to collaborate to make procurement projects successful, so
be sure you get input from IT, Project Management, Engineering, Operations, Accounting, and your CEO.
Imagine everyone working together to bring your procurement software wishlist to life… how awesome would that be? Well, that’s what Melissa got to do. She’s the Procurement Lead with a project-based engineering firm.
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We spent years searching for an all-in-one procurement solution. It didn’t exist. We had to get by on intricate spreadsheet systems partially integrated with a makeshift collection of applications.

The situation was less than ideal. More projects required more resources. We couldn’t easily scale. And our processes were very manual.

So to mitigate the risks, we established an in-house development team and built Current SCM.

Now we have a highly flexible solution built for our project-based procurement and materials management needs.

And it’s available to you, starting at just $149/month.

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Meet The Core Team

CurrentSCM Robert Marney
Robert Marney
SaaS Director

Robert’s goal is to deliver a beautiful, feature-rich supply chain software that helps businesses efficiently manage projects. Leveraging his extensive management and application development experience, he’s ensuring Current SCM puts users first so you can easily do what you need to do without getting bogged down by complexity.

Melissa Stockley
Melissa Stockley
Procurement Lead

With over 20 years of progressive experience in Supply Chain Management, Melissa understands the processes required to do the job well and efficiently. She also knows the struggles of working in spreadsheets and complex software packages. Driven by her passion for streamlined SCM solutions, Melissa provides valuable insights to ensure Current SCM meets the needs of day-to-day users.

CurrentSCM Rizwan Hassan
Riz Hassan
Sponsor – Project Management and Execution Planning

Riz has built a career helping organizations stay on target while measuring performance metrics and scaling operations. His experience leading teams in IT, Project Controls and Estimating has been invaluable to the development of Current SCM. Riz aims to develop an application that is both user-friendly and easily integrated throughout any organization’s current technology stack.

CurrentSCM Caitlin Blair
Caitlin Blair
Accounting Lead

Caitlin has dedicated her career to accounting, corporate finance and audits. Her goal is to ensure Current SCM encompasses the foundational best practices related to financial reporting and accounting compliance. Caitlin’s input is helping to make a user-friendly supply chain management application that also simplifies and satisfies the needs of any corporate accounting team.

CurrentSCM Will Hatch
Will Hatch
Senior Backend Developer

Will was naturally drawn to software development as an electrical engineering designer in Calgary’s EPCM industry. His experience includes building and administrating software to automate design processes for industrial facilities. Most importantly, he has years of experience working directly with users, understanding their needs, and building complementary software architecture.

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Derwyn Hendrson
Front-End Engineering Lead

Derwyn is a natural problem solver with interests in all areas of technology, robotics, and computing. As a mechanical engineering-in-training in the EPCM industry, he’s worked closely with procurement teams and sees how Current SCM can help streamline the supply chain process. Derwyn’s input helps to make in-app features more intuitive to users while meeting needs throughout a procurement organization.

CurrentSCM Adam Singfield
Adam Singfield
Marketing Lead

Adam leads Current SCM’s marketing and brand communications. He brings a broad range of experience in digital marketing, corporate communications, and sales support. Adam also has a firm understanding of the benefits that a single source of truth can bring to large projects.

Current SCM Luis Castro
Luis Castro
Frontend Development

Luis began his career in software development after 10 years as an air traffic controller in Brazil. Moved by a passion for consistently delivering the utmost in quality, Luis brings analytic and detail-oriented professionalism to the team. Luis aims for our clients to get an easy-to-use, responsive, and well-built application. With interests in technology, mathematics, and gastronomy, Luis Castro is forever a source of fresh and innovative ideas.

Current SCM Nancy Estabrooks
Nancy Estabrooks
Sales Executive

Nancy began her sales profession in the software industry and has perfected the art over her 20 year career. Now, we are happy to call Nancy our Lead Sales Executive at Current SCM. Nancy's perseverance and consummate professionalism is a driving force on our team. She is an invaluable source of sales strategy and knowledge of the Current SCM platform, and provides the utmost in sales services to our clients.

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