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Procurement Management Software to Deploy Your Custom Workflows in Hours.

Current SCM is procurement-focused software to power your project delivery and scale operations.
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What does your Procurement Flow look like?

Every business needs to purchase materials, but organizations have different requirements. Not all procurement and materials management software offer the same functionality.
  • Point-to-Point (P2P) Procurement
  • ERP Procurement
  • Project-Based 3rd Party Procurement
Point-to-Point (P2P) Procurement
The most common organizational procurement management software.
Simple Purchasing Workflow
Individuals at one organization (O) buy final products (FP)
The same organization pays all invoices within a single accounting workflow.
current scm point to point procurement process diagram
Example: A mid-sized company needs a procurement system to streamline staff purchases. E.g. Tom in HR needs to buy a new desk chair.
ERP Procurement
ERP systems can accommodate more involved procurement processes, but only support a single accounting department.
Complex purchasing workflows for a single purchasing organization
Individuals at one organization (O) buy & coordinate materials (M) to manufacture final products (FP)
The same organization pays all vendor invoices through a single accounting system
current scm erp procurement process diagram
Example: A technology manufacturing business uses a procurement system to purchase and track materials needed to assemble computer monitors that get shipped to wholesalers.
Project-Based 3rd Party Procurement
Current is a first of its kind, a procurement management software built specifically for the needs of project-based, third-party procurement organizations.
Complex purchasing workflows
Individuals at one organization (O) buy on behalf of clients (C) and coordinate materials (M) with vendors to manufacture final products (FP)
The organization coordinates purchases to meet client accounting requirements, aka. “buying on someone else’s paper”
The clients pay vendor invoices directly
current scm project based third party procurement process diagram
Example: An engineering firm designs a pump replacement project at a water treatment plant and needs a procurement system that can:
Integrate with engineering design specifications
Coordinate the purchasing, expediting and inspection of materials
Centralize vendor and materials management
Coordinate invoicing for clients to pay vendors directly
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Scale Your
Procurement Operations
Does your organization execute more than one procurement project at a time?
Wouldn’t it be great if your procurement system was more customizable and easier to deploy?
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Your team could manage multiple clients with different projects and custom requirements. And do it all from a single interface.

That’s exactly what Current was designed to do. Deploy custom procurement workflows in just a few hours.

Say goodbye to error-prone spreadsheet systems and complicated software implementations.

With Current, you can quickly spin up new project teams for different clients with unique workflows.

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A Procurement-First Software

P2P & ERP software are structured around a single organization’s accounting process. That’s an issue for project-based, third-party procurement teams.

Your third-party procurement teams need to customize purchasing workflows around the accounting processes of different client organizations.
Take decisions based on your current information.
Meet your clients’ unique accounting needs.
Adjust every aspect of the software.

Explore Procurement Capabilities

Capability P2P ERP Current SCM
Core Procurement check check check
Materials Management Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
Project Centric cross icon cross icon check
Team Collaboration & Control Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
Analytics & Reporting Variesinfo icon Variesinfo icon check
3rd Party Procurement cross icon cross icon check
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I like that the software is SCM driven. You can tell by the functionality and flow.
– Supply Chain Management Lead with 20+ years of procurement experience
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Free your procurement projects from process bottlenecks and scale your operations with Current SCM
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