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Centralized Control Over All of Your Documents

With Current SCM, internal and vendor documentation is at your fingertips.
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Document Control

Say goodbye to inefficient spreadsheets. Enable your teams to document everything instantly and effectively with a controlled document system.

Current’s highly customizable processes lets you develop documentation and attach it to your procurement actions however and whenever you want.

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Team Collaboration

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Control all the available options
Set team access permissions
Track and audit changes
Limit potential errors

You even have the flexibility to build custom templates and copy document groups. It all adds up to quick and easy documentation development.

Complex Specifications Simplified

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Compare procurement requirements
Ensure Documentation is up-to-date
Track and change complex procurement specifications

You can also set up review workflows, assign documentation tasks within your team, and track progress across multiple projects all within Current.

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Centralized Documentation

Cut your documenting and material requisition time in half. With Current SCM you can find the right document, exactly when you need it, every time. All documents can be linked to and stored within Current SCM for complete document control.

Seamlessly move between documents and share specifications with your teams and vendors. Easily review and attach information to projects to keep the right people informed. Customize to fit your workflow, from simple documents to large and complex information structures.

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Document Expediting

Documentation Scaffolding
Simultaneously access and manage orders across multiple projects.
Update documents on the fly, reduce time-consuming tasks, and limit errors.
Run reports based on live data.
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Ending Excel Hell

Break free from inefficient and mistake ridden spreadsheets and take advantage of Current SCM’s customizable workflows. Create your approval process and limit potential errors with flexible action restrictions. End the painstaking and confusing workflows your teams use everyday for a better procurement solution.

Current SCM lets you easily see where each item is within your project’s unique approval process. And every asset, order, bid, and requisition will have its documentation tied to it so you will never be overwhelmed with spreadsheets like this one again.

Control your Complete Procurement Workflow

Your project-based business needs a platform to accommodate every supply chain scenario. And that’s exactly what Current was built for. It’s a unified cloud system to manage all your clients and projects with ease.

Control every step of your complete procurement workflow from one central location. Current is a single source of truth for all your documentation and communications with teams and vendors.

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Instant Collaboration Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
Complex Specifications Limitedinfo icon Limitedinfo icon check
Centralized Documentation Limitedinfo icon check check
Expediting Variesinfo icon Variesinfo icon check
Ending Excel Hell cross icon Limitedinfo icon check
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I prefer this software over everything else I’ve used. It’s easy to use.
– Senior Buyer with 30 years of procurement experience
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