Exporting and Importing Vendor Bid Responses as Excel Templates

June 27, 2023
Robert Marney
Bid Management software: Bid Comparison Grid | Current SCM

Improve Your Bidding Process with Current SCM

Current SCM is excited to announce a new feature that will make the bidding process easier and more efficient for our users. With this new feature, you can now export and import vendor responses to bids from Microsoft Excel templates.

Screenshot of Selecting Vendor Offer Templates

How it Works

The process is simple:

  1. Prepare your competitive bid by adding items to the Bill of Materials (BOM), terms, critical dates, and business requirements.
  2. Add recipients—which vendors will receive the bid.
  3. Export the vendor-specific template.
  4. Issue the template to the vendor.
  5. Upload (Import) the vendor’s response.
  6. The system will advise if there are any items that need manual intervention.

Advantages of Using Templates

There are many advantages to using Excel templates to capture vendor responses, including:

  • Time saving: reduce the time your teams need to enter Vendor responses from printed documents. For large bids, this could be measured in hours.
  • Improved accuracy: Importing vendor responses into Current SCM eliminates the risk of human error in manual data entry. This ensures that the responses are accurately captured and recorded without any missing or incorrect information.
  • Reduced need for clarifications: With standardized responses, there is less ambiguity in the process and as a result fewer clarifications are required. This saves valuable cycle time and keeps your award schedule on track.
  • Faster decision making: Importing vendor responses into the procurement system allows for faster decision making. In minutes, multiple responses (from different vendors) can be imported and displayed in the bid spread to dramatically shorten your bid evaluation process.
  • Standardization: Importing vendor responses from standard templates provides standardization in the responses. This helps provide greater assurance to all stakeholders of consistency in evaluation and removes ambiguity.

Engaged in Complex Procurement?

Current SCM is a cloud-based software that streamlines the process of project-based procurement & materials management and drives collaboration among project stakeholders. The term “project” can be defined as a construction project or a manufacturing project, or it can simply represent the way a business organizes their procurement (e.g., by project, program, product, client, division, business unit, region).

Current SCM offers a unique platform to manage the end-to-end process of project-driven supply chain management, including support for the planning, procurement, and management of both materials and services. Current SCM includes a robust set of project-based toolsets, including Project Planning, Material Planning, Service Planning, Vendor Document Requirements Management, Requisition Management, Bid Management, Purchase Order Management, Service Order Management, Material & Document Tracking, Inspection Management, Vendor Invoice Matching, Project Inventory Management, Project Asset Management, and more!

And Current SCM excels in accommodating diverse project requirements with unrivaled flexibility & control, including project-specific User access & permissions, cost structures, business rules, approved vendors, workflows, terms, reports, and much, much more!

If you engage in any of Project Procurement, Technical Procurement, Direct Procurement, or Third Party Procurement, Current SCM will optimize your procurement & materials management workflow. If you engage in all four, Current SCM will revolutionize the way you do business.

Contact the team at Current SCM today to learn more!