Asset Tracking

With Current’s robust capabilities, you can create virtual warehouses to easily store and track materials. Your entire team can see real-time inventory data and deep-dive into the full transaction history. No more digging around in different spreadsheets or apps, see what’s been allocated across all your POs, and ensure efficient material allocation. All in one simple interface.
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Asset Tracking Current SCM


Say goodbye to excel hell and time consuming spreadsheets. Enable your teams to document everything instantly and effectively with a controlled document system. No more waiting or searching for specific documents. Current’s highly customizable processes lets you develop documentation and attach it to your procurement actions however and whenever you want.
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File Sharing

Now you can share important files with third party's in a completely safe and secure way. And you can restrict or remove access to yout documents as you see fit!

Revenue Module

Take control of your procurement expenditures. Rapidly attach spending informaiton to projects and draft financial reports at the click of a button.
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I like that the software is SCM driven. You can tell by the functionality and flow.
– Supply Chain Management Lead with 20+ years of procurement experience

A Procurement Solution meant for you!

Current SCM is a robust and highly-flexible project-based procurement and materials management software.
Learn how Current SCM can help your business scale operations by easily ramping up and ramping down projects without added costs.
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Designed to:
Eliminate Inefficiencies
Automate Workflows
Centralize Data